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Posted by Traders Gurukul on May 17th, 2021

A trading platform is one of the most important aspects for a trader to accomplish the trading process. It is the one that holds and invests your money in the market. So, it is very important to choose the right kind of trading platform to perform these functions reliably for you. Generally, beginners tend to use the platform which they learn in their stock market training institute but they must explore other options to check which one suit them well.

Here are some pointers that can help you to make the right choice while selecting your trading platform.

User-friendly and simple

Needless to say, the online platform should be user-friendly and simple in usage right from logging in to withdrawing your hard-earned money. The trades and transactions should be carried out smoothly without any glitches.


Every trading platform requires your details and that must be kept confidential. The login to your account should only be restricted to only you and no one else. Also, because the platform is the custodian of your trading capital, there are high chances of getting hacked and hence, security becomes all the more important for a trading platform.

Equipped with required tools

Beginners are taught certain important tools to predict trends, patterns, and price movements in their stock market training institute. They will always look for those tools while selecting their trading platform. If a trader will have to open different tabs to access research tools, it becomes a mess especially when the market is open.

Demo Trading is the key to success

Before entering into the live market game, check if your chosen platform offers a facility of creating a demo account to trade in virtual cash. It is a must for the newbies to practice.

All-round connectivity

Not every trader restricts trading to their local market but also trades in international markets. Check if your trading platform provides the global connectivity feature so that international markets can be easily accessible.

Added features

The platform nowadays provides daily trading tips to help you capture the opportunities of stocks that can help you make good profits for that particular business day.

Also, check if it offers risk management tools that you can comprehend and access easily. A good stock market training institute will familiarize you with all the possible risk management tools provided by leading trading platforms.

Affordable brokerage

Every platform charges brokerage on each trade you carry out and of course, no trader would like to pay more charges out of their hard-earned profit. Check the standard brokerage and choose the one with low brokerage charges offering all the above features.

All investors are different from each other with different needs which are why a platform that is suitable for one might not suit the other. Keeping all the above aspects in mind, always give priority to how quickly the platform executes your trade and how spontaneously their customer care responds at the time of a crisis. Hope this helps you choose the best online trading platform.

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