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Posted by Brix Murphy on May 17th, 2021

In last week's video, we went through five dollar tree DIYs to sell and today part two of the series we're looking at five wooden dollar tree DIYs to sell. Let me tell you: you can make a little extra coin this way, because when people hear wood, it's all good, so let's get to it. [, Music, ], hey crafters, it's drea from clueless mama DIY and yes, this is part 2 of Dollar Tree DIYs to self. Don'T sweat it if you're new to my channel in the description below I have the playlist part 1 part 2 and I'll continue to upload part 3 in part 4. But you do want to make sure you hit subscribe in the Belle, because next month we're going into trash to treasure, thrifted DIYs to sell, and you don't want to miss that. So the Belle is what makes sure you can select all and see every video that I upload so before I jump into the super affordable wooden DIYs that you can make and sell on Facebook Etsy Craigslist whatever I just want to give a special thanks to a Subscriber Christine, who reminded me that I mixed up the days to the live craft with me, where you're invited to craft along with me, and we are making a Valentine's Dollar Tree DIY, that you can sell. So that is happening January 23rd, which it's a Thursday at 4 p.m. PST, which is 7 p.m. EST, that's next Thursday. So you don't want to miss that and everything that you're going to need for that is linked in the description you just pick it up at Dollar Tree in order to have so much fun doing that craft together or you can just watch and play along I'd. Love to have you there and let's get to number 1 [ Music ], now all of the full tutorials to this video. If I've already done them are also linked in the description, so don't sweat it. If you want step-by-step, you can just check out the description. After and go to which video you're interested in learning more about how to make this is probably one of my favorite or most used DIYs that I've made from Dollar Tree and it's a wooden glue gun. I'Ve had so many compliments from people saying either they can't wait to make this or they want me to make it for them. So I know you could make this and sell it, and this cost me only five dollars and it's super sturdy, because it's all wood and I used wood glue to hold it together. I simply got a wooden plaque from the craft section of Dollar Tree and I got two picture frames as well, and I use some of the jangle blocks to hold everything up properly. I love this little picture frame that I got in spray painted gold, and this color that I used from shop and ETA is so gorgeous. I love her chalk paint, that's what I used to paint all of my crafts and actually you get an exclusive discount. So if you're looking for craft Goods make sure you check that out in the description, but I just painted this up and also went in with her glitter to make this customize to the colors that I wanted and I think it's I think it's such a super. Pretty glue gun holder that is so custom you put this up and people are gon na order. It [ Music, ], [, Music, ] next up is coasters, everybody uses coasters and they love wooden coasters. These were super cheap. go to this web-site think the coasters, along with the coaster holder, cost me a whopping $ 3. I actually used the shoe polish from Dollar Tree just because I really wanted to try it and see how it worked, and I really like the way these turned out next time. I probably would just go ahead and use a wood stain, but you can truly get everything you see here at the Dollar Tree, which is super cool. I went in with their wood blocks in the craft section and I had a couple. People say they didn't find those they seem to be at all. The Dollar Tree is where I live, but you could also use Jenga blocks to do something like this and make some really good coasters, and I got the little holder as well in the wooden craft. Section at Dollar Tree: we use this throughout the last few months and we love these coasters. They are super sturdy. You could pay $ 3, put these together and again customize the front of it paint whatever. You think that the consumer is going to be interested on the front of the holder, [ Music, ], [, Music, ] centerpieces, so centerpieces are something I personally love to make and there's something that a lot of people like in their house but they're, not the easiest Thing to just pick up and buy in a store, so when you can make a wooden centerpiece from Dollar Tree, you can totally up how much it costs to sell it. Here is a centerpiece that I really love. I'M gon na write the name of the style of candles here because I always forget, but I feel like these candles are super classy. I made it this year for Christmas and I've actually kept it up on my dining room table between the phase of Christmas and spring, because I'm just so happy with how this turned out. I took a few of the wooden plaques that are back at Dollar Tree. My friend, these plaques, that everybody went crazy over because they were quite thick for wood pieces at Dollar Tree. They are back I'll, show you right here. I saw them shopping just the other day. I think I put three of these together or for whatever you see and I actually used your power tool. Your girl doesn't usually use power tools, but I did for this. My channel is all super, easy and affordable DIY. So again, if you liked that hit subscribe in the Belle cos, I don't want to lose touch with you, but anyways. I put those together and again. I used wood glue for crafting things to sell. If you're dealing with wood, I do recommend wood glue because it folds up really good and you want word of mouth to go around so I used wood glue. I drilled some holes and I put those candles that are available at Dollar Tree in them, and I just kind of melted them down to have a cool look to them, and then I painted them with shop, auntie, tazed, chalk paint and I actually coated them with A wax so again the full tutorials to these videos is in the description with more details on the product and how you can save. I think this is a really classy senator piece that a lot of people would like and it's wood and it's beautiful, [, Music, ] there's these rope shelves floating around that are super popular for decor and you can actually make them out of Dollar Tree items. So anytime, you see something that is trending style, decor wise, that is like furniture, or you know something that people are putting things on and highly functional. If you can make it at Dollar Tree Girl, make it and sell it. I made these really cool Dollar Tree DIYs again with those plaques that are back, go hit up your Dollar Tree and buy every single one in sight, because who knows what you can make with that? And I did the Rope shells that I had seen. People have and spent quite a bit of money on, and it was super cheap to do guys. You just add the rope tie it in Knight knots again. I used wood glue to hold them together and I did go in with a tool again to put the holes, but I promise guys when you watch the full tutorial. It is pretty easy to do and I thought it looked really nice. It can hold some decors. Some books for people, like especially kids and stuff, so paint this up in a bunch of different colors. I used a seafoam green from shop. Antique a calm super super in love with this color and it's perfect for my daughter's room, and then I just went with some more Dollar Tree decor on top of it. But if you make a couple of these or a few of these, just to the show the pictures and then post them in different ways holding different things, they are gon na sell and they're so cheap. I can hear that my little guy just woke up from bed, so he's gon na come sit on my lap in just a second and then I'll have to put him back down so we're on number five anyways and I always like to say: seasonal decor is A hit this one cost you a whopping dollar to make from Dollar Tree, and it's huge, so it looks a lot like it's worth more than it is now. If you follow me on Facebook, you might have caught my live. Where I did this live with. You guys it's the easiest thing and the cheapest, cheapest thing that you can do and it's these wooden wall decor snowflakes, so they are massive in size. I love the way that they turned out and it's just one pack of popsicle stick. I made a large one and a medium-sized one, and I put those on my wall after painting them again with chalked up paint, and I just love the way that it turns out. You can make each snowflake unique. It doesn't matter how you do it if you want to catch this step-by-step tutorial. I will like my facebook page below, so you can just check it out there. It'S pinned to the top here he is. I actually have a Facebook group as well called clueless crafters, that I'd love to have you join if you want to connect there and I do lives and things like that there, but anyways. These popsicle sticks were like the easiest thing now. Obviously, they're not the best to sell like anywhere where you have to ship, because you don't want it breaking or anything like that. But again, if you use wood glue, I actually just did hot glue for these and they held up pretty good. But if you use wood glue it's going to last long and it's something definitely that you can sell locally and make a huge markup. So I hope you loved these five wooden dollar tree DIYs. Make sure to tell me which one was your favorite and let me know if you're gon na be tuning in for the live next Thursday, which is the 23rd of January. We are making a chocolate bouquet that you can sell for Valentine's Day. So you don't want to miss that you can check out the description to see the items that you need to buy from Dollar Tree. If you want to participate in that life or you can go ahead and message me on instagram or facebook at clueless mama DIY, I got ta get this little guy back to sleep. Do you want to say bye yeah? He doesn't even want to say bye. Thank you guys so much if you're already a subscriber here, you know I love you and, if you're new, thank you so much for hitting that button. Goodbye, [, Music, ]

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