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Posted by dynamohi on September 21st, 2015

There are number of manufacturers deal in manufacturing of quality abrasive grains and minerals that are widely used for various types of construction and other works. White fused aluminum oxide is electrically fused in arc furnace that processed alumina as a raw material. It is used as alumina grinding media widely used in polishing, lapping and blasting. White fused alumina powder is mainly used for making abrasive tools, refractive materials and other process of grinding and lapping. Likewise brown fused alumina is also an important material that is used in fusing and purifying in a pouring electric arc furnace at the temperature over 2200 degree Celsius.

You can find it out in various grain sizes. It purifies through many strict processing and becomes very hard, tough and pure to use for industrial purposes. Brown fused alumina is used for varieties of application such as coating and bonding of abrasive tools, lapping and polishing process, sandblasting, production of mold for precision casting and as other refractory material. White aluminum oxide and pink fused alumina is also called chromium fused alumina. It provides great hardness and lower toughness. It is made to create abrasive tool that are suitable for grinding high carbon, high speed steel and thin walled components. Moreover, the material is suitable for precise grinding of measuring tool, machine shift instrument, apparatus part and threading work pieces.

There are mainly two types of silicon carbide are available first is green silicon carbide and other is black silicon carbide. Greener one is ideal material for processing hard metal alloy and other non metallic material like jewel, optical glasses and ceramics. It is designed with sharp characteristics that give the ability to cut soft materials like copper, brass, aluminum and magnesium. It is used for abrasive such as vitrified wheel, organic wheel and sheets. It is also widely utilized for refractory industry. Manufacturing companies design and create various types of abrasive tool material. Powder of green silicon carbide can be used for wire sawing semi conductor raw material. Black silicon carbide is a main raw material produced at high temperature electric resistant furnace. It has the strong hardness lies between corundum and synthetic diamond. It gives highest level of mechanical strength. The toughness and strength makes it a preferred material for making superior quality abrasive tools. The material is perfect for processing glass, ceramic, stone, metal, rubber and other materials.

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