How does different ceramic tile clear?

Posted by aihw on May 17th, 2021

Ceramic tile is easy to dirty, hinder the appearance, is a headache problem for many families, the ground tile dirty will directly affect the indoor appearance, as well as the quality of life. So in the face of the floor tile dirty, what should we do? The following ceramic net for you to sort out a few different ceramic tile cleaning method.

The method that different ceramic tile clears

A. Glazed tile pollution cleaning methods:

For the glazed tile, tile glaze layer is very dense material, colored liquid or dirt won't permeate into the brick, this kind of tile pollutant use dishcloth touchs water or add some detergent wipe the brick surface can remove the dirt, if is AoTuGan strong ceramic tile, concave-convex aperture squeezed inside a lot of dust, use brush, Then rinse with water to remove dirt on the brick surface.

II. Dirt cleaning method of vitrified brick:

To glass change brick character, with respect to the household commonly used pollutant, can use the following corresponding cleaning agent to undertake clearing:

1. Type of pollution: daily cleaning

Clean method: can use mop, use detergent, soapy water to be able to undertake cleaning next.

2. Pollution type: tea, ice cream, grease, beer cleaning method: it can be cleaned with soda solution.

3. Pollution type: sediment, rust, mortar

Cleaning method: use sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution. Drop it on the brick surface, let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it with your hands well protected. Amway has a special ceramic tile cleaner that is also very good! If it is lime, putty powder, white latex dripping brick surface, use the blade to carefully scrape off.

4. Type of pollution: paint, drawing pen

Cleaning method: can use turpentine, acetone wipe, the toothpaste used in the home also has very good decontamination effect.

5. Pollution type: soy sauce, vinegar, carbon dust cleaning method: the use of cleaning toilet spirit is better.

6. Type of pollution: ink

Cleaning method: can use ceramic tile cleaner or toothpaste to clear. Ceramic mesh recommendations: if the vitrified brick surface is polluted, it is recommended to immediately use the corresponding cleaning agent to clean up better!

The correct maintenance method of ceramic tile

1. Used the ceramic tile for a long time, if oneself want to be a bit new again, can use water and standard neutral detergent clean first, add a few ammonia water to wipe in soapy water again next, can let the color of brick more beautiful, hold to outstanding smooth and clean degree.

2 encountered ceramic tile brick surface is difficult to remove stubborn stains, can use acid or alkaline water, organic solvent to remove the brick surface stains, but this kind of cleaner will form some subtle erosion of the brick surface, so we advocate a quick decision, wipe clean and maintenance.

3. If the brick face of ceramic tile has scratch, can alter toothpaste in scratch place, wipe with soft dry dishcloth, perhaps clean with agent of eradicative of special metal trace, the ceramic tile of spirit home is very through use, also won't leave any mark after washing at all.

4. Usually we all meet tea stains, fruit stains, kitchen stains, with sodium hypochlorite diluent (bleach), use a towel station soaked in bleach, and then cover up on the stains, wipe clean with wet water cloth and then wipe, towel dry.

5. Cement, scale, rust, rust and other stains, it is necessary to use hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid solution, if there is rust, need to wipe several times.

6. If it is the paint, oil, appearance antifouling wax layer formed in the decoration, it can use alkaline detergent or organic solvent to paint and oil stain agent.

What should choose ceramic tile notice?

1 quality: differentiate the method of ceramic tile of good or bad quality has a lot of, commonly used is measure bibulous rate, scrape the brick face of ceramic tile, listen to knock voice, look at chromatic aberration carefully. Measure bibulous rate simple operation is to pour a cup of water in ceramic tile reverse side, diffusion makes clear bibulous rate quickly tall, use between hush defend not quite appropriate, because kitchen and toilet often be in aquatic environment, go with bibulous rate lower ability.

2. Style: Ceramic tile is generally classified by civilization type. There are seven series of mysterious Egypt, primitive Africa, romantic Europe, ancient Indian amorous feelings, elegant China, ancient Babylon Kingdom and so on

3. Color: color determines style, personality, but also represents the customs and habits. Pattern is also a sign of civilization, appear on the brick surface of ceramic tile, play the role of making the finishing point on the wall, also guiding people's imagination, experience classical charm.

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