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Posted by guoguole on September 21st, 2015

There is only one-day waiting as Fifa 16 will debut on Tuesday, September 22, have you been ready for the grand new video game? I guess so. But before it comes, you may need to understand the whole highlights and market about fifa 16. Either to catch up or refresh, the following overview of fifa 16 would give you a help to make full preparation.

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Involve new Ultimate Team Mode - Fut draft

The FUT Draft mode is one of the various FIFA 16 novelties. This variant of Ultimate Team Mode allows players to create a team with randomly chosen options for each position on the field. Then you will have to participate in several matches to earn some rewards such asfifa 16 coins that can be used in the traditional Ultimate Team.

Add new form of team – Women National Teams

In fifa 16, you can play with 12 Women’s National Teams, including the World Champion United States Women's National Team, previous title holders Germany and popular sides like Australia, Canada, France and Sweden. However, EA Sport has restricted the parameters of the women's game and the full game will only allow the use of women's teams in three different game modes - 'Match Day', 'Offline Tournament' and 'Online Friendly'. With gamers tending to favor the 'Career Mode' and 'Ultimate Team' modes, it's a decision that threatens to make the progressive addition feel like something of a novelty. 

Provide better experience - improved Midfield, defense, attack

Slicker defense - defending has become far slicker and given greater freedom of movement to track attackers. It is much more agile when tracking an opponent, being able to turn as quickly as the attacker, providing you with more time to pick the right moment to make a tackle.

Midfield control - A brand new interception awareness and animations allow teams to have a more solid defense/midfield ground, breaking up play and making things difficult. In midfield, players can now pass with greater speed and precision, which creates risk-and-reward attack play.

Accurate attack - "Passing with purpose" is introduced to make the passing style smoother more realistic. Besides, the crossing dynamics changes allow more "moments of magic" when trying to penetrate the opposition’s defensive line, whipping balls into the box with greater accuracy.

No Touch Dribbling - free yourself from the ball to buy time, create separation, set up a feint or skill move, and then blow by your defender.

Available transfer market & wider price range

Fifa 16 has received some market changes including available transfer market and wider price range, which must be the only good news in Fifa market since the various trade limitations in Fifa 15. With the availability transfer market on web app and companion app, gamers can trade between players and fifa 16 coins easily. And the wider price range gives gamer more freedom and gamers can decide trading according to players’ capacity and their demands on certain players.

EA is implementing many other changes outside of the gameplay experience, like instructions during the game to educate newcomers about what to do in various situations, new Skill Games, etc. With these improvements, you will gain better game experience to be worth of fifa 16 coin paying. Enjoy 8% discount code “SEP8OFF” when you buy fifa 16 coins xbox one or other on Safewow.

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