Tips for Designing a Logo for Your Online Store

Posted by Whyte Creations on May 17th, 2021

A logo is one of the major aspects of branding. Every company has a logo. But it is not necessary that everyone has to remember the logos of each brand. But we can surely make people remember your logo if we follow few steps.

As a leading advertising company in Qatar, Whyte Creations aims in creating striking, eye-catchy, simple and elegant logos. The logo is not restricted to any specific product. Logos can be found anywhere and everywhere.

It’s a good idea to be familiar with some basic aspects of online store logo design, whether you’re designing one yourself or hiring a specialist. Let’s get started discussing all things a logo needs!

Before moving into the details of designing a logo, have you ever wondered why logos are important?

Well, there are a lot of reasons why the logo is considered important.

Firstly, a logo defines you. This means it defines your brand, your company, its nature, culture and values. A logo has the power to denote what your brand stands for.

Your logo is iconic. A logo has got the power to bring a visual thought to your mind quickly. There is no need to read the name of the brand. With the help of a logo, one can easily identify what product/brand it is.

A visible logo- A logo is something that attracts the audience first. This helps in increase in brand awareness.

And the list goes on. Here we are with the important section of this. What are the tips for designing a logo for an online store?

Know your audience

Follow a crisp & simple pattern

Make it versatile

Choose the right colours

Experiment with typography

Follow the latest design trends

Try to convey the idea/ story of your brand

Consider the time period

Seek inspiration

Check for references

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