The Proper Way of Introducing a Motivational Speaker to the Audience

Posted by joelpenton on September 22nd, 2015

A motivational speaker can deliver life-changing messages to your organization. The first step to making your audience listen and pay attention is a proper introduction. Once you have decided to hire the motivational speaker and have set the date for the event, you need to come up with a way to properly introduce him to the audience. A proper introduction can start establishing a bond between the audience and the speaker, as well as give the speaker credibility. Here are some things to keep in mind when introducing a motivational speaker to the audience:

  • Get the facts – Read the motivational speaker's bio to build his credibility. Go online and consider gathering data about the speaker from his website. Be sure that all the facts are correct, and take note of them.
  • Mention why you have invited the speaker – The audience would want to know why you have chosen to invite that motivational speaker, so tell them about his expertise in a particular field and give them a short rundown of his experience in speaking to their type of audience. It may be worth mentioning that the speaker is an expert or a professional, as long as it applies.
  • Personalize the introduction – Spend a bit of time with the motivational speaker or talk to him personally to get to know him better. This way, you can find out more about his hobbies, family, where they are from, their educational background, and other unique qualities that may be worth sharing with the audience. This is also a good way to learn about the motivational speaker and describe him to your audience based on how you perceive him.
  • Three things to mention – When making your introduction, you may want to explain three crucial factors: the topic, the relevance of the topic to your audience, and what makes the speaker qualified to talk about that topic. But be careful not to give away the outline of the presentation and some points, which the speaker might talk about.
  • Keep it short – A minute of introduction is enough, two minutes are plenty. Avoid going beyond three minutes. Time yourself as you practice the introductory speech.
  • Remember: it is about the speaker – Your job is to introduce the motivational speaker to make the audience acknowledge him. Hence, avoid drawing attention to yourself and making the introduction about you. Do not upstage the speaker. Instead, focus on drawing interest from the audience to him, and make him look credible.

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