Have released DarkScape in a raw, formative state

Posted by esogoldforsale on September 22nd, 2015

The rule changes for DarkScape fully detailed in the FAQ are designed to encourage emergent gameplay of the RuneScape most devious kind.  Based on RuneScape though it is, DarkScape is very much its own game. We've got some awesome ideas for future DarkScape content, and Mod Pi's going to be watching - making frequent changes, directly inspired by how you play the game.

Have kept DarkScape quiet so everyone can come to it completely fresh. This is a world for the Buy RuneScape gold taking with wit, guile and strength, and we can't wait to see what you do with it. It'll be your stories that bring it alive, and your feats that become its legends.

Have released DarkScape in a raw, formative state, so it can be driven from the RuneScape gold earliest possible point by its community – realising its potential as an emergent, player-led game. This is your chance to be in at the start of something new – to help make a game that you want to play.

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