Top 5 Tips To Achieve Network Security

Posted by Stephanie Snyder on May 17th, 2021

The information organizations collect and store electronically is private, sensitive, and critical. It most likely includes customers' personal information, vital business data, business trade secrets, and other important information for business transactions. 

Unauthorized access to an organization's network and data poses a security threat. To prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing and disseminating data, you need to follow particular statutory privacy requirements and networking fundamentals such as the FEPRA and HIPAA. Failure to do so will make your business accountable for any consequences of a data breach.

All these security procedures are not bulletproof; however, they help to minimize the risks of a data breach. Here are five ideas to help you secure your business network.

Install Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Software

A multi-layered security setup can provide you with advanced threat protection. Such a system will help protect your systems from persistent as well as sophisticated attacks. Installing antivirus and anti-malware solutions helps to combat attacks before they cripple your system. However, this becomes more efficient when you patch and update all your cybersecurity solutions.

Use application monitoring software to ensure the virus protection is running and hasn't been disabled by malware or another user.

Several reputable companies provide virus protection, firewalls, intrusion detection, anti-malware, spam filtering, and phishing blocking software. They include:

• Kaspersky

• Avast

• McAfee

• Avira

• BullGuard

• Norton

• TotalAV

These companies are specialists in network protection and can offer you data security products suitable for your budget and needs.

Establish and Enforce a Secure Password Strategy

A strong password is sufficiently secure and difficult enough for a human or a machine to guess. Use complex passwords and change those passwords at least every quarter. Avoid using simple passwords like “Admin” and “Password00.” You can achieve password strength by incorporating the following characteristics, and the more of these traits you include in your password, the stronger it is.

• At least eight characters—The more the number of characters, the better.

• A mixture of letters and numbers

• A mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters

• Include at least one special character such as , @ # $ ] ! }

Audit Your Network Security

A network security audit is a challenging process whereby an organization examines its network security policies and investigates network access for potential weaknesses which can be exploited, leading to a security breach. 

Usually, network security audits are done by third-party auditors who visit the organization occasionally and submit a comprehensive report after the audit. Such reports help organizations discover weaknesses in their network security and provide the recommended solutions for such problems.

Create a Secure Backup Plan

You must create secure backups as part of your primary strategy. Secure backups help you salvage your data in case of accidental data deletion and natural disasters. Also, these backups will help you in the event of cyber blackmail.

If cybercriminals threaten to delete your data permanently, you can restore it online immediately with the help of your backup system. A specialized network appliances company can secure your backups for enhanced security.

Create a data backup policy of storing your data in a remote and secure location away from your business premises. This helps secure your data from cyber and physical threats.

Instill a Security Culture in Your Employees

You can always Automate Dev Test Labs in just one click with Quali. Acquiring their lab as a service automation program. Also, let your employees understand that everyone who has a username and password is responsible for keeping the company data safe. From time to time, remind your employees and managers that to safeguard the company's future, they must not share their login information. 

Encourage your staff to be agile in securing their login credentials. Prohibit them from writing passwords and sticking them under the computer or saving them in files on the computer.

You must be serious about your internal data security protocols. Studies show that 60 percent of the compromised networks were hacked using information that cybercriminals get inside the company.

Avoid taking risks with your business data. Understand that the data you collect is as valuable as your company's physical assets. The success of your business depends on how much your clients can trust you with their information. Your business cannot run safely or efficiently without data, and you cannot advance your business without establishing a secure data management plan.

A business without data security is as good as an office or warehouse that is unlocked. Use the above tips to achieve network security and protect your company’s data from cybercriminals.

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