5 Pro Tips To Help You Study For Your Real Estate License

Posted by Stephanie Snyder on May 17th, 2021

A real estate agent is a person who helps those in the market to purchase a new home and those who own a house and want to sell it. They sell homes; they can sell small pieces of land or a massive piece of commercial property. 

They generally know the laws in their states and are usually experts in some geographic regions. In addition, real estate agents do the following:

  • Help buyers find properties in their price range.

  • Help buyers select the best area for their family's needs.

  • Help sellers stage their homes for sale.

  • Show homes that are available for sale.

  • Act as a middleman between parties.

  • Negotiate between parties involved.

  • Help their client buy or sell in the most favorable terms for them.

Studying for the real estate exam can be much like looking for a significant test in school. However, as an adult, there are a lot more distractions. Here are five tips to help you study to pass the real estate exam:

Set a study goal

Studying for the real estate exam is severe and should be treated as such. Therefore, set a timer as you would any other important event. You can make weekly study goals, but daily plans also allow room for adjustment. That means if you set a goal on Monday to study for three hours and on Monday night you find that you had more time than you could have studied, on Tuesday you should set your schedule for four hours instead of three. By making a daily study goal, you allow room for adjustment and reward yourself if you meet the goal.

Exam prep aid

Exam prep aid and real estate training courses help you study for your test. They both get great reviews online, reviewers noting their accessibility and helpfulness. Some prep aids offer a choice based on how you study. For example, there is a coaching format that asks you questions one at a time and allows you to answer them. The power format presents the questions in the same way that they would be on your exam. You get to choose the best study format for you.

Get a mentor

It doesn't matter how old or young you are; having a mentor in your field can be a huge benefit. A mentor can help you understand questions or concerns regarding the test. They can help break down real estate terminology and processes. Not only can your mentor help you study for the exam, but they can also give you tips on what to look forward to when you have passed the exam.


Flashcards remain one of the simplest ways to learn. Index cards can be purchased at a drugstore or office supply stores and are relatively inexpensive. Write down questions on one side of your card and use the other side for the answer. Flashcards are perfect when the answer is simply one word. A member of your family studying with the cards is helpful and time-saving. You can also get an app on your computer or smartphone that help create flashcards and answer.

Distraction blocker

Everybody knows the internet and computers are excellent tools for the advancement of our daily lives. However, computers come with a hefty cost of distraction. Distraction blockers can be purchased on your computer's app store to block things considered distractions. The blocker sets a timer where no pop-ups, no email notifications, no social media notifications, or anything that will distract from your studying will pop up during your study time.

A real estate agent is a person who helps those in the market to purchase a new home and those who own a house and want to sell it. Some tips to help you study for your real estate exam are to set study goals, use prep aids, get a mentor, use flashcards, use a distraction blocker.

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