5 Ways To Unify And Support Your Team

Posted by Stephanie Snyder on May 17th, 2021

There are many benefits to having sports programs in the community. Some of those are:

  • Reduction of youth crime

  • Builds on youths social skills

  • Get youth active/healthy

  • Builds community togetherness

There are various reasons why the number of community sports programs reduced, but it mainly boils down to costs and support. Hiring referees for games cost money, renting fields cost money, uniforms cost, along with everything else. Continue reading for five ways to unify and support your community teams.

Participate in fundraisers.

There are multiple ways to fundraise for your community team. Fundraising can be as simple as door-to-door selling candy bars to something more elaborate where you use social media to spread the word. Some companies offer cookie boxes, pizza kits, and other promotional items that could be fundraiser sellers for your team. Fundraisers can raise as much as your team needs, and everyone can get involved.

In addition to selling, you can look at other ways to fundraise, such as:

  • Matching gifts

  • Volunteer and corporate grants to your team

  • Social media donations

  • Online donations (Mass email donation request to family and friends)

Sponsoring pizza night.

Invite participants of your community team to a night of pizza and soda. If there is a neighborhood pizza parlor, talk to a manager about a possible sponsorship donation. Pizza Night for the team is a great icebreaker; it builds camaraderie, unity, morale, and togetherness. It is also an excellent time for coaches and parents to mingle and get to know one another.

Pizza night is also an excellent way to support your team through any differences they may be having with coaches or other players.

Purchasing sports apparel.

Nothing says unity and togetherness like matching athletic gear, custom jerseys, uniforms, and sideline apparel. Whether you have a kid on the team or not, you can support your community and the youth sports team by donating sports apparel.

Many manufacturers can add logos and will customize pieces to your specification.

Some benefits to having matching apparel are:

  • Team colors show team unity

  • Boost players self-esteem

  • Display of collective team attitude

  • Provides a sense of pride

  • Avoids worrying about how kids will show up

  • Sports apparel is designed for performance

Offer your time to the team.

As an adult, youth are looking to you for guidance. Even if you aren't athletic or the coach-type, you have something to offer the team members as productive citizens and community members. 

Your presence and concern will let the youth know that they are seen and valued members of the community. Therefore, please stop by their practices and encourage the players and show up for their games.

Your support will keep them aware that people in their community know them, and in turn, they will be less likely to get into mischief or create chaos in the neighborhood. Talk to them about their educational goals, their future, professional and personal dreams. The youth will appreciate the time you spent with them, and thank you for your care and support.

Get youth involved in the process.

When deciding to get a community team together, a few youths are involved in the process. Although young, they can be helpful contributors to how the process should happen, and since they are concerned, they are more likely to take their (and other's) participation more seriously. 

Not only that, their position in the community will develop, and they will want to be future community leaders. Involving youth in the unity of support encourages younger generations to start caring about their communities earlier.

There are various reasons why community sports programs started fading. However, they are beginning to make a comeback with a lot of support. Five ways to unify and support your team are participating in fundraisers, purchasing sports apparel, sponsoring a pizza night, spending time talking to young members, and getting youth involved in the process.

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