Homescapes: Jumble, Align, and Redecorate!

Posted by Landry Mcconnell on May 18th, 2021

Homescapes is a new way to play the ever so popular match-3 puzzle game brought to you by Playrix, the developers who made Gardenscapes which also features Austin the Butler which fans have come to call as Homescapes Austin. At the core of this Homescapes game, is the very familiar match-3 puzzle game where the player will line up in a row or a column three or more identical icons. Completing each and every match-3 stage is very crucial to the game as it will give you the sorely needed and required stars to remodel and repair your ancestral residence and progress through the main narrative. You also acquire coins by finishing levels which can be used to buy boosters, extra moves, or lives. • Unlock the mansion Integrated in this housecape game is the ability to rebuild, renovate and design your ancestral home. It is an endeavor to alleviate the boredom of completing the homescape games at all of the levels. The home is divided into sections that you may gain access to after each and every l. You will need three to six game days to renovate each area of the mansion, which you can accomplish by finishing all the tasks that can be found inside each area. • Boost up to beat the game faster When you match four or more similar symbols, boosters, also known as power-ups, appear on the gaming area. Rainbow balls are one of the most powerful boosters you will have. homescapes can get them when you man 5 identical icons in a row or column. Each and every one of these handy boosters will definitely give you a leg up in conquering all the stages that you encounter in the game. That is why it is suggested that you be wary of all of them so that you will most likely than not end the round a little bit faster. • Tell your buddies to assist you. Don't just enjoy the game all on your own; invite friends to help you progress through the game. Link your Facebook account to your game, so that your friends can pull up and help you out. Your Facebook friends who play Homescapes will be automatically displayed in your Friends list who can now send lives to you. • Events are here, do not miss out on any of them Also, there are very unique and satisfying in-game events that are highlighted time to time, which are included along with the usual gaming mechanics and objectives. For a short time, gamers can access additional game content known as events. So, make sure to regularly log in so that you won’t miss on special events that will give you unique and rare rewards. These events usually coincide with real time holidays such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, Halloween, so on and so forth. A unique collection of match-3 levels, a special match-3 mode or special activities in the house, a set of prizes for completing goals, themed decorations or temporary alterations in the house, and reductions on in-game items and promotional offers are all included in these events. Do yourself a favor and see all of these stuff to see what are being offered inside the game for the specified holiday. • Compete and be the best There will be contests in which you might put your abilities to the test against players at your skill level. Every competitor receives a prize just for taking part in the tournament, and those who finish in the top 10 will get extra special bonuses. If several players finish with the same result, they will game the same exact rewards.

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