Introducing a free service to increase traffic to your Website

Posted by sarah macquin on May 18th, 2021

Increasing site traffic or increasing site traffic is an essential skill for any site or blog owner. If your site does not have the traffic and traffic you need, you will have almost no sales.

As a result, you will not be making money online, which is usually the main purpose of starting an online business.

In this article, I will introduce you to 11 free ways to increase site traffic and traffic.

Finally, with the introduction of a free service to increase the Alexa rank of your site will become a rocket.

What you read in this article:

  • Increase site traffic
  • Ways to increase site traffic
    • 1- Site title
    • 2- Appropriate keyword
    • 3- Republishing on social networks
    • 4- Content production for sites and blogs
    • 5- Introduction in related discussion forums
    • 6- Link exchange with level sites
    • 7- Posting comments on sites and blogs
    • 8- Providing free services
    • 9- Sitemap to increase traffic
    • 10. Use an email signature
    • 11- Advertising exchange
    • in short

Increase site traffic to your website


We need to work consistently and consistently to increase our site traffic.

By implementing these 11 free methods, you can see an increase in website traffic and improve your sales not to buy traffic to your website.

Some of these methods of increasing site traffic that I introduced in this article, work in the short term and some in the long run.

Ways To Increase Site Traffic

1- Site title

Given that the site title is seen in Google results, then you should choose a relevant and attractive title. To make users eager to click on the title of your site.

Supplementary Content » SEO Title

2- Appropriate keyword

For each article, select keywords that are relevant to the topic being written so that your content can be found in search engine results.

Using the right keywords can increase site traffic. There are many keyword suggestion tools that you can use to find the right keywords for your goals.

For example, if you have a pet care website, you can enter the words "pet care" in the tool and find related keywords to use on your website.

Supplementary » Keywords and branding strategy

3- Republishing on social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and are the best places to publish and promote your site.

These days, social media marketing is increasingly being used to increase site traffic. Answer people's questions, give them useful tips and information.

Become an active member of social networks because it will surprise you in increasing your site traffic.

4- Content production for sites and blogs

Write articles for other sites and blogs to publish on their site.

Writing an article is not as hard as you think and can dramatically increase your site traffic and traffic. In this article, we explain the production of content in simple language.

Writing about what you know is just telling your friends.

There is no need to use fancy and big words at all, because most people need basic, concise and useful information. 

5- Introduction in related discussion forums

You need to interact more with forums, forums and polling websites to increase your Alexa ranking (increase traffic and visits).

If website visitors feel closer and more connected to your website, they will visit your website more and spend more time on it.

Add a little fun and entertainment like competitive entertainment, games and… to your website.

Run games and competitions on a weekly or monthly basis.

Running a contest for a month can drive thousands of visitors to your site and increase your site traffic. 

6- Link exchange with level sites

You can exchange links with other related sites.

If you are looking to increase the rank of your site, it is better that the rank of the site with which you exchange links is higher than your site.

7- Posting comments on sites and blogs

Comment on other sites and blogs and encourage them to visit your site as well.

Of course, try to write your comments and content in a way that is not promotional.

8- Providing free services

Provide useful content and information and reports on your website or you can offer e-books for free on your site, which can help increase your site traffic.

Include your website link and other business information in this content.

Let people know that they can get useful things from your website.

We attract great traffic with our free internet business training course .

You can add these files at the bottom of your email signature or post them on your social media pages.

Rest assured that before you know it, your useful content and reports can generate new traffic to your site across the web every day.

9- Sitemap to increase traffic

Create a sitemap for your website and submit it to Google. Your sitemap will allow search engines to have more access to your web pages.

In this article, we explain how search engines work . must read.

As a result, your web pages will be much easier to find in people searching. 

10.  Use an email signature

Make a simple signature with a one-line description of the main benefits of your service.

You can put this signature under any email you send. You can even create emails with related content and distribute them with your signature.

Note that these emails will see a much larger number of people interested in your ads when they are hand-picked.

Note that the friends of those who are interested in your work and receive the forwarded email will probably also be interested in your work.

11- Advertising exchange

Use the ad space of your site to advertise another site and ask that site to place your ad on your site.

This is something like link exchange, but instead of a link, you are probably exchanging a colorful banner ad.

Introducing a free service to increase traffic.

With the help of the following free service, you can attract 6,000 real traffic and visits per month.

By subscribing to the gamma traffic site, you will be given an html line of code. Then put the link on your site or blog and the rocket is ready.

Register on the site through the following link and see the increase of Alexa rank (targeted traffic and visits) of your site.

Free website hits

in short Use these 11 tips in this article to add new ideas or a combination of these ideas may be better for you.

Increasing the traffic, visits and Alexa rank of the site will not be created easily and will only be created by your hard work and effort and the use of new ideas.

Plan to increase your site traffic and implement one of these strategies every day and after 90 days you will be surprised by the increase in your site traffic.

Learn dozens of moneys- making skills in the online money-making business course.

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