FMCSA drug testing: Safety comes first

Posted by CesarMuler on September 22nd, 2015

Every person should be concerned about safety, especially while travelling. This is the reason people use seatbelts, wear helmets, do not drink or fiddle with mobile while driving and follow safety rules. But, what happens when your safety depends on someone else? When you travel by public transport, be that by road, air or waterways you trust another person with your life. So to keep your faith level intact, organizations responsible for operating public transport are guided by certain federal regulations. This is where you hear of FAA drug testing and FMCSA drug testing and how various drug testing consortiums help in maintaining a safe and drug-free environment.

The US Department of Transportation or DOT in its concern for safety of people and work-related hazards has prepared various drug testing programs like FAA drug testing process for aviation sector. It has formulated a sound safety policy which aims to preventing accidents that endanger public life. In order to be successful in fulfilling this goal, a major step would be to ensure that the employees of all the safety sensitive public transport and commercial vehicles abide by the DOT regulations. Accordingly, the purpose of the FMSCA drug testing is to check if the driver of a vehicle is in the proper sense to drive the vehicle.

Think of this: you have boarded a plane with your family in eager anticipation of the vacationing time ahead. The pilot had also enjoyed the revelry the night before and the effect still hangs around. Do you think he would be able to maneuver the plane properly? A mishap is just waiting to happen. To prevent such untoward happenings the aviation sector is bound by strict FAA drug testing norms. Not only has the sky been made more secured, the Department has brought in stipulations for motor vehicles in the form of FMSCA drug testing where employees in this field have to undergo periodic tests to check substance abuse.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the staff abides by DOT safety regulations. So, it is essential that employers seek the assistance of reputed consortiums to manage FAA drug testing. These consortiums plan out a testing policy for choosing employees at random. The employer may include repeat offenders or employees under reasonable suspicion. Sample collected from the employees get tested at authorized labs. The consortiums have liaison with the best resources in town. The FMSCA drug testing includes a number of tests like breath testing for measuring alcohol content, substance abuse testing for detecting presence of marijuana, opium or cocaine in the blood.

Conducting the FMSCA drug testing all by oneself is a tough job for any employer. It is much easier to handover the task to professionals who are known to have acquired expertise in this field. Drug testing consortiums are helpful partners when as an employer you decide to keep your office safe thus ensuring hazard-free operations. You can use their service to do background checking while hiring freshmen. Since you are stipulated by the law to hold regular FAA drug testing procedures, there would be repeat audits to ensure that you comply. The consortium can lend a helping here too by keeping all test-related documents straight.

FAA drug testing is a mandatory testing process designed by DOT. If you are working in the road transport sector, you are supposed to conduct FMCSA drug testing at your workplace to ensure the safety of your employees and the public.

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