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Posted by CesarMuler on September 22nd, 2015

The FAA is one of the most important domains in the world, leave alone the USA. People who work in this industry know that they are responsible for millions of lives. Traveling by air is still the safest mode of transport and it is the people who work in the background that ensure this. But what if one or more employees working in this domain are addicted? Wouldn't it be dangerous for any employer to let them handle an aircraft? It would be and this is the reason the FAA mandates that any employer in this domain conduct an FAA drug testing program from time to time. There are no hassles here because an FAA drug testing consortium can handle the process end to end.

An FAA drug testing consortium is an independent body that has the license to conduct an FAA drug testing program and certify the organizations that work in this domain. But this is not the only reason why an employer should hire one such consortium. The idea is not to punish errant employees who know that they cannot use alcohol and/or drugs when they work in this domain. The idea is to make the employees aware of the kind of responsibility they have and how they can stay away from these nasty habits.

One of the most important jobs that any FAA drug testing consortium does is training. These consortiums conduct training programs for all employees. There are employers who make sure that any new employee goes through an induction program where they spend extensive time going through the importance of an alcohol and drug free workplace. Even existing employees are required to go through a mandated hours of training every year so they their knowledge about the importance of an alcohol and drug free workplace is constantly reinforced.

And of course, these consortiums conduct their FAA drug testing program from time to time. This is a program where employees are selected at random and they are tested for alcohol and drug use. Because of the randomness of this testing program, no employee can plan in advance. Even the employer has no say in which employee should be chosen for the surprise test and which employee shouldn't be. The surprise element of this test keeps the employees on their toes. Everyone knows that if they fail the test, they would lose their job and perhaps never get a job in the market.

An FAA drug testing consortium also does background verification of all the employees working in this domain. This ensures that someone who is hooked on to alcohol and/or drugs doesn't even get an entry into this domain. The background verification can be done for all new employees as well as existing employees.

An FAA drug testing consortium performs a critical job and this is the reason they are so highly valued. The FAA drug testing program is conducted in all seriousness keeping in mind the serious nature of the job that the people in this domain perform.

Employers who are looking to get an FAA drug testing program done should look at a top ranked FAA drug testing consortium.

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