Using BIM to offer Precast concrete modeling

Posted by Ivan Dimensions on May 18th, 2021

Precast concrete has become an essential part of many construction projects.  However, it might be costly and time-consuming to get the details right in a precast modeling project. Particularly, the traditional 2D process was fraught with changes incorrect calculations inconsistencies, and drawing errors.  Thus, the traditional process involved a lot of time and money that were wasted in reworks.


However, the arrival of BIM and other advanced 3D modeling software has brought in a sea change in precast construction. BIM Can help in overcoming many of the challenges associated with the traditional 2D process. Particularly, Precast concrete modeling offered with the help of BIM can offer a lot of advantages to project construction including faster construction progress and enhanced safety. 


The application of precast concrete modeling can ensure that the design fabrication scheduling and shipping of precast concrete is streamlined and optimized. However, given the wide range of BIM-enabled 3D modeling tools available, it might be difficult to choose the particular features that you need.  Choosing the right solution can be a challenge while considering your particular needs as a precast designer and manufacturer.  The following paragraphs list the feature that you should look out for while choosing the perfect BIM software to help you in the precast process.


Error reduction


It is complicated to design rebar or concrete reinforcements.  Unless you are able to visualize the complete rebar cage,  there is a probability for errors to creep into the design.  The traditional 2D design methods did not offer this visualization capability leading to frequent errors in rebar designing. While opting for rebar detailing services can be a better choice as it offers enhanced visualization capabilities, you need to opt for a solution that also has a clash detection system in place.  The Clash detection system will help in identifying and rectifying clashes between the rebar in the design phase itself.


Shop drawings


Structural 3D modeling services offered with the help of BIM can help inefficiently creating shop drawings for precast elements. With the 3D BIM model, there is no need to draw every planning detail or concrete section of the precast manually. It is very easy to develop the shop drawings of the required view from the 3D BIM model. 


Easy to create and share reports


Before choosing the precast concrete design software you should check whether it can automatically create the necessary reports during the manufacturing and design process at a faster rate. the perfect software in this regard will offer you the facility to create bending schedules and bar lists from the 3D model with ease. By automating the process of report creation the precast concrete modeling software helps save a lot of time as compared to the manual process of calculations and report creations. With the help of BIM, the different stakeholders can easily collaborate on the 3D model and thus the need for raising RFIs or searching for probably expired email messages of the product is eliminated. 


Features to manage change


Change is a constant factor in the case of any construction project. It is thus important to choose a precast concrete modeling software that offers excellent coordination features. Having excellent coordination features will ensure that the different views of the model will be automatically updated with every change being made to the model. So with this type of software, you can just make the appropriate changes according to the construction and get the new shop drawing printed.

Thus, precast concrete modeling and structural 3D modeling services offered with the help of BIM bring a host of unique benefits for precast construction projects. However, it is important to select the right software by going through the features that you need.

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