Pigeon Forge Brochures Reveals 5 Hot Tips to Create Attention-Grabbing Brochure

Posted by dynamohi on September 23rd, 2015

Nowadays, the current over-emphasis on digital marketing platforms can seem a bit intimidating especially when almost everyone is using them. This may cause people to assume that these methods are more powerful than the good 'ole' approaches such as brochure marketing and the use of rack cards to name a few. However, there are numerous opportunities if you incorporate printed materials into your marketing plans - where you're more likely to have a better edge while at the same time retaining your target on the right audience.

It may certainly be true that most people spend the most of their time staring at screens - whether it’s on their smart phones, computers while at work and when they get home, or the Cable TV is always waiting to entertain them. That doesn't mean that they don't interact with printed materials while "in between devices", which is where you come in - to grab that opportunity. Printed marketing is definitely alive and working!

Below are several tips that will help you create a more than compelling copy for your brochures that will ensure that you get unparalleled success.

  1. Know and understand your audience

Knowing your audience is the genesis behind the success of any marketing related copy, not just brochure copy. Ask yourself these pertinent questions; what do your customers look for when buying your goods or services? What problems do they face? Where are they located? If you're not sure about who your audience is, make it the main agenda to get to know more about them and their needs. You can start this with a short survey, where you offer incentives to those customers who complete it, form a focus group to help you draw some knowledge from your sales people.

2. Put more focus on the benefits, not features

Ensure that the content on your Pigeon Forge brochures emphasizes on the benefits of the product or service that you're offering and not the features. For instance, a carpet cleaning service wouldn't mention how their cleaning equipment is made of a cutting edge technology. Instead, they'd explain how their carpet cleaning equipment removes any stubborn stains - without damaging the carpet's fabric and the ability to dry the carpet quick while using less energy (High energy consumption means high charges to the client).

This in turn saves money and time for the customer who can start using it in no time.

3. Be specific

By being particular about the products or services that you're offering, you can devote your time in stressing the core benefits of each of them - without overwhelming your prospects with too much information. Sometimes if you have too many offerings, it would be necessary to have more than one brochure, instead of trying to squeeze everything into one brochure. For instance, if you do carpet cleaning but you also have some other seasonal jobs that you offer such as seasonal landscaping and fall cleanup, have separate brochures for these and you can mail them out to both existing and potential prospects during the start of appropriate seasons.

4. Consider the formats you want your brochures to be printed

Most business owners aren't aware that brochures can take multiple formats, not just the typical 8 by 11 inches, pleated together into thirds. This may be a great option but other multiple choices are available that you can take. If you only have fragments of information, you may choose a rack card format - This is just a standard size paper divided into three to four pieces. Full Gatlinburg rack cards can offer great value over tri fold brochures, since you're receiving three to four pieces for just one tri fold, which is hard to ignore.

5. Less content is more valuable

Always remember that the lesser information you have, the better - hence, your choice of words will be a key factor when it comes to conversion figures. So don't fill out the entire copy with content because people like pictures more than words, therefore, make sure that pictures and graphics are included especially in the front and back pages. Finally, use bullets and stress on the key benefits since most prospects aren't going to read everything but they'll definitely look at the graphics and stuff that's easy to read.

Those five tips should get you started on the right track. Remember to keep your copy as simple as possible, but still professional; because people can smell unprofessionalism from miles and they hate having to deal with anything that may seem not professional enough.

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