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Posted by dynamohi on September 23rd, 2015

What is Ginnie Spring?

Ginnie Spring basin is a vast, dish-like depression that measures more than 100 feet across and 15 feet deep. It has been serving divers, rafters, and swimmers with great exploration and recreational experiences for many years. As a new diver, you'll be required to take no less than two air tanks to help you explore the four diving springs on the privately held Ginnie Springs Outdoors' territory. Sometimes based upon the time of year, it may be necessary to use a third tank for drift diving through the Santa Fe River.

Ginnie cavern - fit for certified divers of all levels

Certified cave divers can take lights with them in order to help them explore the underwater Ginnie Cavern. It is among the cave diving sites located at Ginnie Springs Outdoors.

Light from the Ginnie Cavern's upper room gives light from the main entrance, and as you look back towards the entrance from this room, you will feel astounded by the incredible view. Similar with most caverns, the walls of the upper room are made of a light and extremely reflective limestone, which greatly enhances its natural splendour. The Ginnie Cavern is one of the best Florida Scuba Diving sites for divers seeking great underwater adventure and because of its marvellous beauty, it draws divers from all corners of the world.

The Devil's Springs

Still in Ginnie Springs, you will find the Devil's Springs, which are perfect for cave diving activities. They consist of three distinct springs namely Devil Spring ("Little Devil"), Devil's Eye and Devil's Ear. All these springs produce over 80 million gallons of water collectively on a daily basis and approximately provide 30,000 feet of diving passage way.

Ginnie Springs insists on astringent "No Lights" policy where only certified cave divers may explore the Devil Spring system accompanied with dive lights. This helps to prevent untrained divers from veering into spots they lack adequate training, specialized equipment and/or pertinent experience, which could lead them into danger.

Devil Spring is a crack located at the top of the Devil Springs system, measuring only four feet wide. Its length extends up to 50 feet while its depth almost equals its length. Divers who are courageous enough to dive to the bottom of the fracture receive the prize of an astounding view as they look up.

With all the remarkable diving spots described above and others not mentioned such as guided dives and The Santa Fe River diving, are a great way to keep you entertained while at Ginnie Springs. However, note that all divers require registration at Ginnie Springs Outdoors office and sign a waiver or release form before diving. Be sure to read the rules book.

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