Quick Things to Accomplish Before You Call an Emergency Plumber

Posted by dynamohi on September 23rd, 2015

Quick Things to Accomplish Before You Call an Emergency Plumber

As you're already aware, you can't live without plumbing. While you may not learn the skill, you can do a few things to help a situation from worsening and potentially save a lot of money that could potentially have led to substantial damages while waiting for the plumber.

Things you can do to manage emergency plumbing

Locating and turning off the shut off valve

In case of burst pipes and leaky fixtures, the most effective action that you can perform is to locate and turn off the water shut off valve. The shut off valve controls the water supply to your appliances and utilities in the toilet, bathroom, kitchen, basement and even your yard. Just go down to your sink and inspect it carefully, if you can’t find the valve, then proceed to the toilet pipes, heating systems, tubs, water heaters and other appliances to uncover the valve that feeds them water.

Locating the main shut off valve

Secondly, you must be able to locate another key valve known as the main shut off valve that supplies water to the whole house. If for some reason you can't find these two valves, you may ask your plumber the next time he pays a visit to fix something at your house. This obviously gives you more assurance when you're faced with a disaster, since you'll know what to do in order to stop the damage from spreading before the emergency plumber arrives.

Controlling a broken pipe situation

Before you engage Emergency plumbing Sevierville to fix the plumbing hazard, this is what you can do to control a leaky, broken pipe:

First, turn off every independent valve that feeds water to the leaky pipe in order to stop the water from reaching the damaged area of the pipe. If you can’t find any shutoff valves, then you'll have to turn off the water from the main valve that supplies water to the entire house. If you are on a private well, this may require you to turn off the breaker for the pump's power. Shutting off the water may not always stop the water flow immediately, so you'll have to release all cold water faucets so that you can completely drain out water from the entire system. Please note: do not touch the hot water faucets.

If you adhere to the simple procedures explained above, you'll be in a position to control the situation, after which you can call Emergency plumbing Sevierville to come and complete the job. This way, you'll have averted a great deal of damage and saved money that could have resulted in inflated repair bills.

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