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Posted by Cally Ana on September 23rd, 2015

Overlooking safety measures while cutting any material may lead to serious injury. Since cutting applications involve the risk of physical injury, cutting of different materials requires the use of different tools. For example, paper cutting can be better accomplished using a paper cutter, and saw blades are extensively used to cut wood. Likewise, if you want to cut foam or similar materials, you are required to use a hot wire foam cutting tool. Use of appropriate cutting tool is essential not only for improved efficiency, but also for reduced risk of injury. Moreover, you can achieve the desired shapes, sizes and dimensions using the right tool. This prevents the material from being wasted while cutting.

Also, safety is not the only thing you should consider while cutting. Being precise with cuts and dimensions is another considerable thing, which can be achieved only if you use the right cutting tool. Cutting the material in required shape and size helps prevent it from being wasted and make maximum use of it. For example, if you are making a sitting bench topped with a foam cushion, the sheet should be cut to fit the bench top. After precisely measuring the length and width of the bench top, you try to cut the sheet in the same dimensions. Inaccurate measurements or cuts will result in waste of foam.

A hot wire foam cutter is an easy to use tool which makes foam cutting safer and easier. The cutter has a thin wire that is heated up to melt and cut foam in different shapes and sizes. You can also use it to slice foam pieces. You can either use battery or connect it directly to the main line to power it. It’s a limited-time use tool with a spring loaded safety feature. As soon as you press the trigger, the wire starts heating. The amount of heat required depends on the thickness of foam sheet being cut. It is extensively used in various commercial and industrial areas for featuring user-friendliness and accuracy. You can buy hot wire foam cutting tool online in various specifications as per your different requirements. The tool may have either thin or thick wire, depending on the purpose it is designed for. The thin wire attached to it is usually made of nichrome or stainless steel. Contrary to this, the thicker wire can be formed into the desired shapes once it is heated. It is designed to cut polystyrene foams and other related materials.

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