Tips on Selecting the Best Baking Trays

Posted by everten on September 23rd, 2015

Baking can be complicated especially for beginners, but fear not. You, too, can conquer the challenges of baking with the right toolslike baking trays and pansat your disposal. How do you select the right baking trays for your needs? Here are some tips on choosing baking trays and pans that will suit your requirements.

1. Size matters.This is one of the major factors influencing how well a baking pan will work. Note that different baking recipes require different baking tray sizes. What do you intend to bake regularly? Do you want to make loaves, round cakes, cookies, or flat breads? Figure out what sizes you need by assessing what baked good you want to create. Have a look at the recipes you intend to follow and see what baking tray sizes are called for, so you don’t have to make complicated alterations to the formula.You also need to check the size of your oven. There is no use buying baking pans that are too big to fit inside.

2. How many do you need? Seasoned bakers will tell you that you can’t have too many baking pans, and to some extent, this is true. But if you’re a beginner, you don’t have to go overboard. Buy baking pans based on the need that is, your planned baking regimen. Do you intend to bake more than one cake or loaf at a time? If yes, then multiple baking pans are necessary.

3. Consider the materials used in baking trays. Not all materials are safe for bakingfor example, some types of Teflon and nonstick trays are not ideal. These improperly coated trays and pans can be dangerous as they may leak out potentially toxic chemicals at very high heats. As a general rule, you can’t go wrong with simple metal pans.

4. Do you need specialty pans and trays? This all depends on whether you intend to make specific shapes of cupcakes, muffins, and cookies.

5. Evaluate their durability. The best baking trays and pans are made of durable and sturdy metals that can stand up to high heats and pressure without bending.

You don’t have to spend a day in a mall trying to find all the baking trays, pans, and sheets you need. It’s now very easy to buy them online, where you can sort trays by brand and even compare prices.

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