Briefly understand the accessories of the automatic laminating machine

Posted by diginbronghua on May 18th, 2021

Automatic laminating machine accessories, so what are the main accessories? Let's take a look at the accessories of the automatic laminating machine.

1. Compressed air equipment: The pneumatic system can be composed of the molding machine's own compressor, air storage tank, workshop main pipeline collection, valves, etc. The molding machine needs 0.4-0.5mpa compressed air. Piston air compressors are widely used in various automatic compound machines. It can also be supplied by a large screw air compressor. Except for a large number of mold parts, such as air cooling, mold cooling, etc.

2. Vacuum equipment: The vacuum system consists of a vacuum pump, a gas storage tank, valves, pipelines, and a vacuum gauge. In vacuum forming, an independent vacuum pump is often used, and the vacuum degree of the pump should reach 0.07~0.09mpa (520mmhg). The gas storage tank is usually a cylindrical box welded with thin steel plates, with an oval bottom. The tank capacity should be at least half of the largest forming chamber. Install a suitable valve on the vacuum line to control the narrow vacuum capacity. The rolling power of the vacuum pump depends on the size of the molding equipment and the molding speed. Equipment with higher or faster molding speed is usually as large as 2-4kw. The size of the vacuum central system depends on the detailed production and development requirements of the factory.

3. Heating equipment: One of the main processes in the vacuum lamination molding process of thermoplastic films is sheet heating. The duration and quality of electric heating depend on the structure of the heater, the heat transfer inertia after the radiant surface temperature, the distance between the thin plate and the heater, the absorption coefficient of radiant energy, the characteristics of the heater surface and the thermophysical properties of the data . Common heaters include electric heaters, crystal radiators and infrared heaters.

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