PC had been struggling more bad than good with SWTOR

Posted by Cassandra27 on September 23rd, 2015

The newest patch of SWTOR turns to the Stellschräubchen the graphics – and should ensure, especially in big players masses for a better experience.

Many players, many frames?

Until around 17 clock the server of Star Wars are: The Old Republic is not available yet for maintenance today. This is due to the Patch 3.3.2, although it hardly brings playful changes, but want to get some performance problems under control.

The biggest change will players now on the fleet and noted at big events when many characters are seen on the screen simultaneously. Here you will have increased the frame rate properly, which should lead to a more fluid gaming experience even on older computers. In addition, characters will now stand out better from the background of the game world, what they will put the spotlight especially in the cutscenes a little more.
Stronger contours, shorter charging times – the patch promises numerous small improvements.

The list of changes is long, but basically consists of little things: The shadows are a bit nicer, more textures are rendered and the charging times of the planets was a bit minimized (if you noticed the difference between 60 seconds and 55 seconds, was once an open question) ,

If your PC had been struggling more bad than good with SWTOR, then could not hurt a quick look at the game – perhaps there is a pleasant surprise.

In early 2012 continued Bioware writer Drew Karpyshyn its sails and left the company to concentrate on his book series can. Now that the chaos-Born trilogy is completed, Karpyshyn returns to his former employer, as he reports on his blog.

“I suppose a lot of people are wondering if this means that Bioware announces a project in connection with my return The short answer:. No,” he writes.

Many years ago he came to Austin office to participate in Star Wars: The Old Republic to work, and that’s what he’ll continue to do so. For now. Almost as if nothing happened, one might think.

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