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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on September 23rd, 2015

Accounting was one of the first processes that was outsourced by companies. As per a 2012 survey, the value of the outsourced projects reached million. Over the years, as the market matured, companies have started exploring fresh ideas on streamlining their F&A function by adding new areas. Professional Kent accountants grabbed this opportunity by approaching new industries and companies of varying size in providing comprehensive accounting solutions. Hiring accountant Kent has several advantages over employing full time staff in your organisation with the main strategic aim of improving efficiency of the F&A functions and thus helping the overall company as a whole.

Cost reduction & better efficiency:
Companies look at cost reduction as the primary motive when they search for reliable accountant Kent companies. But as a by-product of their decision they receive another great advantage: increased efficiency in running their processes and technology. The most commonly outsourced services handled by Kent accountants in accounting are payroll accounting and accounts payable and receivable. Once the companies receive a specific cost reduction in outsourcing these functions, they look up to move higher the value chain to maximise their profit. More strategic functions like budgets and high-level functions like forecasts and internal audits are now being outsourced to professional accounting firms. Almost 150 large companies of the UK, USA and Canada now seek outsourced accounting services for their entire F&A functions.

Simplifying processes:
Kent accountants are quite often employed when they prove their expertise to simplify and standardise one module of F&A processes. With more and more functions added to the responsibilities of accountant Kent you can expect a well-run company. As these accountants introduce good F&A practices your organisation can achieve a variety of good outcomes. You can develop a more transparent information system, reduced time to close their books and better level of efficiency to meet regulatory requirements. Small and mid-sized companies are also using outsourced solutions for their F&A operations as it result in savings and providing better service to their clients. They can now focus on their core competencies, leaving accounting worries to the experts.

Better control
If you outsource just one module, you essentially limit your benefits. For example, by employing accountant Kent companies for both accounts payable and receivables, you get an additional advantage of improving the transactional component, because Kent accountants can see when the cash comes in and when it goes out. With this you can have better control of your cash in-hand and accordingly optimise internal processes.

State-of-the-art technology
By outsourcing F&A processes to an expert accountant Kent your system can have access to state-of-the-art technology and experts that are proficient in using those financial software packages. These software are backed by powerful analytics that help your company in better understanding your spending through the entire chain. As a result you can control your budgets and standardise procedures throughout the company. You can also identify cost savings factors in areas like supplier consolidation and avoid human errors like duplicate payment. With outsourced Kent accountants you can enforce business rules and limits that avert employees from making unproductive mistakes.

Leave your accounting jobs for Kent accountants and concentrate on expanding your business. Accountant Kent services are extremely professional and cost effective.

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