How Thermoplastic Composite Materials Are Changing The Engineering World

Posted by Michael Luis on May 18th, 2021

Over the past couple of decades, the technology of the world has evolved rapidly. This evolution of engineering has stretched the limit of conventional materials. Now, these materials are not able to perform well in extreme conditions. As a result, it has created the demand for stronger material that can perform in extreme conditions effortlessly.

Ecomass is one of the best thermoplastic composite materials that fulfill all of these criteria. It is a new composite material, which was developed by the military. For this reason, you can highly rely on its strength and reliability. After seeing the benefit of this material, many industries have adopted it in their products.

?    Why Ecomass is so popular in the extreme engineering world

It is a composite material, which cannot be found in nature. A chemical process in the factory creates it. For this reason, there are multiple industrial benefits associated with this material. Here are few reasons, why it has become so popular in the extreme engineering world.

•    It offers high density and structural strength
•    It weighs much less than other conventional material
•    It is easily mouldable into any shape
•    It is good for precision engineering
•    It can prevent high energy particle from penetration

?    Why golf club manufacturer has chosen Ecomass

Golf is one such game where every gram plays a big role in the game. This material has design freedom for the golf club manufacturer. As a result, now they able to produce high strength golf club that weighs a lot less.

This material has proven itself a good alternative to the metallic club head. Its structural rigidity and load-bearing capacity are much more than other materials. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for the premium golf club. Famous golf club manufacturer PING is now using this material for their golf club.

?    Why bullets use Ecomass

The tip of the bullet is made from led. It is a toxic element, which is not good for health. As a result, the accumulation of led has made many shooting ground toxic. Led easily contaminate water and makes the groundwater toxic near the shooting ground. To avoid this problem, the US military has developed this material to replace bullet tips.

Now many bullet manufacturers are making bullets from this material. These bullets are primarily used for training purposes. They are 100% safe for the environment and don’t raise any health-related issues in the surrounding area.

?    Ecomass for Radiation shielding

This material is so dense that it is comparable to led, while the weight is quite less. For this reason, it is one of the best Radiation shielding materials available in the market. The mouldable properties of this material make it suitable for Space and medical industries.

These days many medical institutes are making Radiation shields out of this material. Instead of led, working a long time wearing a Radiation shield made out of this material is more convenient. For this reason, X-ray machine operators are choosing it over led Radiation shielding. Along with convenience, this material gives better protection from ionizing radiation and prevents diseases like cancer.

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