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A stock market is an assemblage of buyers and sellers of shares(stocks). The stocks represent business ownership claims, public stock exchange-listed securities, and stocks available for private trading.

The concept of Share Trading

Share trading involves purchasing and selling the shares of the companies,  listed on the Stock exchange. The buyers and sellers aim at earning maximum profit out of this market structure. Online share trading enables people to purchase and sell stocks or shares of companies through an online platform. Online share trading allows a trader to purchase share stocks, mutual funds, and other available securities directly. One of the advantages of online share trading is that it does not involve any middle agent which also requires the trader to be confident and aware of market risks and how to deal with them.

 Indian Timings for Share Trading

The trading time for the market in the two main stock exchanges in India, the Bombay Stock Exchange, and the National Stock Exchange is fixed. The timing is from 9:15 AM to 03:30 PM between Monday to Friday.

Share trading in details

Share trading is the process of buying and selling the shares of companies listed on the two principal stock exchange companies, namely the National Stock Exchange(NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE). Suppose a trader purchases shares of a company, the trader will attain ownership of that company and will be able to participate in the decision-making of the company. The shares of a company that is bought by a trader get deposited on his/her Demat account. Trading involves generating higher returns by selling the stocks at a price higher than their purchasing price.

Advantages of Share trading

  • Possibility to earn a higher return – Share trading allows a trader to earn more from selling and purchasing shares in the stock market in a short period.
  • A say in the company’s decision-making policy – Purchasing a share of a company allows the trader to take part in the decision-making of the policies of the company. On purchasing shares of a company, the traders become a stakeholder of the company.
  • Easy Access – Technological progress has paved the way for easy accessibility of online share trading. But in online share trading, due to an absence of a middle agent, the trader must be confident about his/her grip in the share market. A shares trading course can bring more clarity about the knowledge in this field.
  • A wide range of financial instruments are offered in share trading which makes them more versatile. Thus a versatile range of instruments to invest in are available.

Besides, there are many other advantages of share trading. Unlike investment, it is a short-term process.


Is there possibility of losing money in sharing trading?

Yes,  share trading involves lots of associated risks. Here come the cash accounts to save beginners to help you from losing more money than actual investment. In case a trader is having a margin the account, the risks of losing more money than invested are higher. When stock prices drop unexpectedly you can lose money in the share market.

How to avert risks in share trading?

  • Invest in diverse trading instruments like bonds, securities, and others.
  • Investment in mutual funds and SIP.
  • Take the stock market course.


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 ICFM is regarded as one of the best institute for stock market. Through the various course available on this platform, the tenets of the share market will be clear to you. ICFM offers a deep insight into the knowledge of the national finances and gains knowledge about the stock market and investment in it. The expert team assists you in your journey as a share trader. ICFM has been appreciated throughout India. The courses offered by ICFM covers all the necessary financial details you need to know for share trading. Several home-study materials are provided for assistance. Through the courses, wide range of financial problems can be solved.

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