Death is hosting his anniversary Halloween Party

Posted by esogoldforsale on September 24th, 2015

All Hallows Eve is about aloft us afresh and RuneScape gold, as accepted for this time of year, Death is hosting his anniversary Halloween Party. The alone affair is has an blackballed bedfellow that he just can't assume to rid himself of and he’s not invited!

We will be polling the Halloween accident declared in this blog starting this Thursday.

Death & Anti-Santa

After declining to argue Gielinorians everywhere to carelessness their Wintumber carousal for the sobering angst of accustomed life; Anti Santa approved out his old associate the Grim Reaper, for a abundant bare dosage of cynicism.

Grim was added than blessed to barter a few antagonistic tales with the contrarian braggadocio at first, but the botheration with these contentious, anarchic types is; they never apperceive if to leave!

It’s been ten months now back Anti-Santa anchored his chill behind on the Reaper’s couch and he has just about had enough. Your assignment is to get Anti-Santa out of Death's abode and out into the algid area he belongs.


This year you will be able to alleviate a amount of new rewards from the Halloween event. You will be able to get your easily on:

Anti-Santa's new, adequate accoutrements (to be appear during the event).

A pet bent soul.

An allurement to Death's Halloween party.

A new, appalling wallkit for your player-owned house.

The Ash emote.

These two added derma colours from the Makeover Mage:

Please note: The pet bent body will be polled alone to the event.

As always, you will aswell be able to get your easily on all of the rewards from antecedent years if you haven't already. This includes:

Skeleton outfit.


Jack lantern mask.

Zombie head.

The Scared emote.

Black h'ween mask.

Grim reaper hood.


Red, dejected and blooming h'ween masks.

An added blooming derma colour from the Makover Mage.

Live beck events

As has become attitude with Old School and holidays, we will be hosting a amount of association reside beck contest throughout the division of spooks. If you wish to grab yourself some added Halloween goodies, accomplish abiding that you watch out for our streams on the RuneScape channel.

You can apprehend the acknowledgment of the archetypal "hide and seek" streams, just like those that Mods Mat K and Ronan accept ahead hosted with abundant success, as able-bodied as any added agreeable contest you can anticipate of. If you accept any account for fun and agreeable streams that we can host accomplish abiding to let us know. 07 Runescape Account .The added account we accept the added streams we can do.

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