Travel Article for Covid 19-

Posted by Bharatth Ramchanddani on May 18th, 2021

Travel Article for Covid 19-

It’s really important to know the Rules and Precautions if you’re planning to travel during the Pandemic.


DiuTraveller will guide you how you can save yourself and others while you Travel.

Before you Travel make sure you have done RT-PCR test and that’s come NEGATIVE, still you Negative make sure you don’t have the Symptoms that may cause Covid 19.

If you have been fully VACCINATED make sure you should not travel up to 25 days of 1st or 2nd dose of the Vaccine.

For unvaccinated people, Testing before and after travel can reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 , Its recommended to test one to three days before the date of your travel, you can delay your travel if the wait is long for the Test Results. If the test results come Positive then there is no way you can travel but Even if you test negative, reduce nonessential activities for seven days. If you don't get tested, reduce nonessential activities for 10 days

Stay home and Isolate yourself if you test Positive.


When you travel wear MASK on Planes, Buses and Trains and all other forms of Public Transport

While you TRAVEL stay safe

You can save yourself and others by maintaining a distance of at least 5 feet to 7 feet between you and other people. Don’t go near who seems sick or sneezing or coughing.

  • While you’re in any airports, railway stations, bus terminals or any other places you travel, try and limit your contact with very frequently touched surfaces,such as handrails, elevator buttons and ATM’s and if it’s very important to touch those then use hand sanitizers and gloves while touching it.
  • Your Eyes, Nose and Mouth are the target areas of the Corona Virus so avoid touching these parts in your face. Wash and clean your hands after using the bathroom, before eating, and after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose.
  • Try and avoid eating or drinking on Public Transportations.

While Air Travelling – Most Virusdon’t spread easily on planes because of their Filtration and Air Circulations. Anyways in crowded airplanes the social distancing is very difficult and the procedure of air travelling makes you stand in security lines and others that can make you difficult to avoid close contact with other people.

Still, nowadays Aviation Industry made some protocols to avoid close contact Such as – wearing masks all the time and somewhere a PPE kit is a must, food and other eatable things must be kept in a plastic bag, Sanitizer is a must.

Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds directly before and after going through screening.

If you still have doubts Call DiuTraveller Customer Care and we will make you understand

While Car Travelling – It’s very good and safe if you choose to go by Car instead of a Plane. But you still need to be smarter than the Virus.

Smart things which can do are:-

  • Prepare food at home for the journey that can avoid buying or eating food outside.
  • Try to halt less or few stops as possible and do not drive if you feel sleepy or drowsy that is not for the Virus but that can save you’re from any accident.
  • When you need to re-fuel your vehicle make sure to wipe the handles with a disinfectant before and after the Fuel Station and use hand sanitizer or wash your hand with the soap for 20 seconds.

Staying in a Hotel – while staying in a Hotel make sure the following Measures and Procedures to be taken care :-

  • Cleaning has to be on top
  • All Staff to be in Mask
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Payments to be completely contactless
  • When your entering the room make sure everything in the room are clean and unused, double disinfect the amenities in the room.
  • Check the toilets are clean, towels, soaps, shampoo and toilet papers are replaced with the new one.
  • Make sure the food you order are well packed and hot.
  • Keep the Room Service guy away from you to maintain the distance to avoid any infection.
  • Immediately inform the Reception if you see or hear someone is ill, coughing or sneezing.

Feel free to call DiuTraveller Customer Care if you feel something is not good, we will try and resolve the issue from our end.

Things to Remember before you leave for a vacation or travel:-

  • Make sure you are completely well before you leave.
  • Cancel going anywhere if you see any flu like symptoms.
  • Do the Covid test and wait for the result and plan accordingly.
  • If you have heart,cancer,kidney,pregnancy or weak immune kind of issues then not to travel and stay home be safe, if you still have to travel then keep your movement very carefully and keep someone with you so in case the other person can take care of you.
  • Considering this pandemic the suggestions would be not to Travel much and decrease the chance to get infected with Covid 19 , You can protect yourself and others only by staying home.
  • Make sure you help others by spreading this article and make people to be stronger in the Pandemic era and fight to win this VIRUS.

Travel is the wonderful experience of Life BUT if there is no life then there would be no TRAVEL.

  • DiuTraveller will always be with you in all your travel needs and will always take care of your safety.
  • Only we want your and your family’s vacation and travel to be the best and pleasant and every time you do business with us will remember us for the Life Time.
  • We will keep on posting such articles to make you aware about the things happening in the Word so before or while you Travel you can be updated with everything.
  • Make sure you keep coming back to our websites and check out the Articles and Blogs to know about the offers, travel knowledge, world travel news, Covid related travel protocols.
  • The Only way possible to save yourself from this Virus to be smart and careful, while you plan a trip remember US as we have everything to make you aware about every situation that is important for you to know.
  • Not only you make everyone who are known to you to come to our website and enjoy guaranteed low price and Yes the Information through article and blogs.


  • Enjoy booking flights, bus, car, and tours with DiuTRAVELLLER
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