Beginners guide to doing affiliate marketing

Posted by Qarah ICT on May 18th, 2021

These days, many people have access to a computer daily. Those using the internet now realize that there are many ways of making money online. Some people start with auction sites and sell items that they do not need again. People are now going into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity to earn money by referring traffic to products. The commission you get is dependent on the traffic that is being converted into buyers of the products or services.

The basics of affiliates marketing are as follows:

  • Niche
  • Products
  • Location
  • Content
  • Affiliate links
  • Page Rank


The number thing to do is to pick a niche that you are interested in and will be able to write helpful information or honest reviews about. It is wise to consider if you will cover the broad aspect of the niche or just one aspect of the niche. For example, if you are attracted to or interested in computers, you could decide to create contents to cover the topic as primarily as possible, e.g. hardware, software, internet, etc. You could choose to go into one aspect – like only covering the hardware aspect.


Just as said above, you can focus on one product from the start and create contents purely about that service or item. You can also choose to write about a broad niche but significantly promoting one service or product. The product you choose to promote will affect the type of commission you are going to earn.


The next thing is to decide on where to house your content. Some people will create a website to promote their chosen products, while others will create a blog alongside a website to promote the product. Some may decide to use free pages like to write articles or reviews. Each of these methods has its plus and minus but can be effective.


After you have made the basic choices, you will need to create your content. It ranges from simple reviews to in-depth articles about the product and company you are to be affiliating for. The content can also be in the form of pictures and videos showcasing the product. This content will become information that will be picked up by search engines and showed to online searchers. Great content is the way to make people trust your website to get backlinks. Creating good content gives you a better chance of earning money from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate links

After you have created your content, you will place your affiliate links in your content. These links come in the form of banners or simple hyperlinks. The affiliate program you joined will provide all these and is often a case of cut and paste into your site (content).

Page rank

When you have a lot of great content on your site, it tends to attract backlinks. The more quality backlinks you have – linking to these content – the more you will likely attain a high page rank on search engine result pages.  When your content ranks high in search engine results, you will receive a lot of free (organic) traffic.

Affiliate marketing provides a way to earn good money. It may seem discouraging at first but will a little bit of study and hard work, and you will earn a big or small income depending on how prepared to work for. To learn more, visit

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