Let?s Know More About Best Game Ever:- The Candy Crush Soda Saga

Posted by johnbevan on September 24th, 2015

As the title shows, today the best game which tied up each and every person in whole world with its magical and unseen power candy crush Soda Saga. First you have to know about the game:- candy crush soda saga is a game where player starts the game from stage 1 arrange similar candies in same manner and break it out after arranging all the candies he or she score enough points to take a step in second stage.

As much as player plays the game and clear the stages he or she getting new and bigger challenge in next stage. The last and most difficult stage is last stage that is 300th stage of the game. Whenever a player clear a stage in next stage he or she getting more candies to arrange. And it comes up with new challenges in new stage.

Candy crush soda saga is a game but feel like a wine for every player. Once a player plays the game after that he or she addicted for the game because it becomes more and more interested as stages clear one by one.

One more fact about the candy crush soda saga that after making this game the candy crush company generate the largest turnover in one year. It is a history in gaming industries. Actually I am not sure but most of the people think the concept behind the game is taking from one of the old game namely tentris.

But according to me it’s not like that, because in tentris a player have building blocks and play with it and not getting extra building blocks in new stage and the true is that there is no new stage just speed up the building blocks. Candy crush soda saga is completely different from that old game. Because it have many others features as compare to that game. So whether you are a gamer or non gamer doesn’t matter just install the game and be lost in fun.

And if you have any problem in completing a stage just surf on net and you get the tips and tricks through the 1st to 300th stage on many websites.

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