6 Ways To Keep Your Car Looking Like New

Posted by Stephanie Snyder on May 18th, 2021

When you get a new car, you will naturally want to keep it looking like new. Sadly, that is easier said than done. Cars and trucks take a lot of punishment, even when you're only using them to drive to work and run errands. However, keeping your brand-new vehicle looking like a brand-new car isn't impossible. It just takes some extra work on your part. Here are some tips that will help.

1. Wash It Regularly

Washing your car once a week will remove the dirt and grime you've picked up while driving before it can damage your finish. Use a gentle soap that won't be too harsh on your paint job, stick to soft cloths and sponges, and use separate cloths when washing your wheels, so you don't transfer brake dust onto your car's finish. Also, you're always better off washing your vehicle by yourself instead of going to a car wash. Car washes are great for getting rid of heavy dirt and grime, but they use chemicals that can be just as harsh on your paint job.

2. Wipe Down the Interior

When you wash your car, don't forget the interior, especially if you have leather or vinyl seats. Some water and a soft sponge will remove dust from your seating and dashboard, but you should invest in some cleaner designed for leather or vinyl. Naturally, this also means that you should learn what kind of automotive seating you have for your vehicle and what care plan is best for it.

3. Clean Up Messes As They Happen

It's a lot easier to clean up a mess when it happens. This means wiping up spills on the inside of your vehicle, wiping off bird droppings while they're still relatively fresh, and carefully removing leaves and tree branches that may have fallen onto your vehicle. Your once-a-week wash should ideally take care of most of these messes, but accidents always happen when you least expect them to.

4. Keep Your Car Trash-Free

Wiping down and detailing the interior will help keep your car looking and feeling new, but it doesn't do much good if you have too much trash pile up on the floor. Make a habit out of picking up anything that might be left sitting around, and try to keep something to use as a garbage bag on hand. You don't want the bag to get too full, so be ready to empty it and replace it every week or so.

5. Keep Your Car in the Garage

Storing your vehicle in a garage can protect it when you're not driving. Your garage will protect your vehicle from the elements, potential thieves, and just about anything else that could be a threat to its pristine condition. Of course, this also means that you need to keep your garage in good condition. If you have a dirty garage or one with a leaky roof, your car isn't going to be much safer than it would be if you just left it parked in your driveway.

This tip also applies whenever you have to park away from home. There will be times when you just have to park your car outdoors in the open, but try to park in a sheltered ramp whenever you can.

6. Keep Up Your Regular Maintenance

As important as it may be to keep your car looking great, you also need to keep it running correctly. This means getting regular oil changes, tire rotations, and other preventive maintenance. Your owner's manual will tell you how often you need to bring your car into the shop for a tune-up, but you should still be paying attention to anything that could be wrong with your car. If your tires are looking bald or your engine is making a little too much noise, head to the repair shop of your choice. Not only will you keep your car in good working condition, but your mechanic might be able to replace something that is looking worn and rusted that you haven't noticed.

Keeping a car looking like new is a tall order. After all, cars are meant to be driven so that you can expect a fair amount of wear and tear. As long as you are diligent in caring for your vehicle and you follow these tips, you should still have a good-looking ride for years to come.

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