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Posted by Alvarado Marquez on May 18th, 2021

Some big news about vitamins not working -- and even causing harm -- has been all around the airways recently, Whole Food Nutrition may be the answer to this question by offering a new meaning of nutrition. Our present misunderstanding of vitamins has caused great confusion with the public. Additional hints of the misunderstanding is serious. Science having researched for so long the biochemistry of nutrition, we have became conscious of an incredible ability of every of the 10-100 trillion cells in our body to integrate, as in symphony, an unimaginably complex series of events that optimizes health and minimizes disease. Whole Food Nutrition, when provided by the right foods & dietary supplements, services this system with a nutrient program that both prevents future disease and treats a broad spectrum of illness, an effect that is far more effective and safe than the best of all pills and procedures could ever desire to do. Therefore we are partnered with a company with a 40-year history; we've chosen to only sell products that create a real difference in the health and safety of those who purchase them - whether that was fire detectors that saved people's lives in the '70s, purifiers that cleaned people's air and water in the '80s or nutritional products and food-growing systems that enhance people's health insurance and well-being today, but we'll get to that later. I have read a very interesting interview with a Dr. Campbell, who is a professor emeritus at Cornell University and the co-author of the groundbreaking study: "The China Study". In my opinion I would say this study talks about the consequences of whole food nutrition on health compared to vitamins. His background touts the authoring greater than 300 research papers, and he has received a lot more than 70 grants through the years of peer-reviewed research funding, much of it from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Campbell's work is regarded by many because the definitive epidemiological examination of the partnership between diet and illness. Dr. Campbell and his colleagues have started an online course in "plant based nutrition" developed by their non-profit organization, The T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, which is operated by their partner, the arm of Cornell that does online courses. He's got received several national and international "humanitarian of year," "visionary of the entire year," and "lifetime achievement in cancer research" awards in recent years and has been in demand at business conferences which are focused on the continuing future of healthcare in this country. From what I can tell nearly all his talks in the modern times have been at medical schools and medical school-sponsored conferences, which shows that there is considerable interest now being shown in this community who are and you will be our primary health caretakers, now surround this up and coming topic of Whole Food Nutrition. Although health and wellness is a societal topic for many years it was not all that successful, in that it did not fully answer the oft-asked question, "Why have people not heard of Whole Food Nutrition before?" In other words a plant based diet with it's correctly formulated supplements. This is what drew me to The China Study and Dr. Campbell's book called "Whole". The China Study summarized the experimental research findings of Dr's 40+ years of professional research on diet and health insurance and then made some dietary recommendations. But here in his book "Whole" the attempt now is to answer this question by supplying a new meaning of nutrition. It is suggested that Whole Food Nutrition can be an amazing gift of nature which has long eluded our awareness and worse yet our supplements and health based selections for implementing the proper types of nutrition into our diets. Proper nutrition meaning, when our anatomies are provided with the proper foods, Dr Campbell's asserts, that only, natural plant based diets with whole food supplementation would actually services our bodies immune system that both prevents future disease and treats an easy spectrum of diseases, which is far more effective and safe than the on top of that pills and procedures could ever desire to be. Is the goal to live longer or live with more vitality? Survey's show that society is capable of accomplishing both, yet human nature continues to be making decisions to take more drugs rather than eating a better diet. And to any Dr, Scientist, Nutritionist, or mother... there is absolutely no comparison regarding which we ought to be choosing; a complete food diet will always win, studies also show, and this with no unwanted effects! So, is Dr Campbell saying vitamins are a bad thing? "All the reviews of recent years that have summarized the countless studies on the effects of vitamins on long-term health show that they do not work to solve any of the serious problems that beset us." Other studies have also shown that vitamins do not lower rates of cancer, coronary disease and diabetes. "Actually, people are more likely to suffer serious unwanted effects from these supplements instead of getting benefits." Dr Campbell goes on to express his personal opinion is that people don't need vitamins as there's now enough scientific research dispelling the once believed evidence of benefit. I even remember reading that he doesn't even take vitamins any more. He avoids them, especially vitamin D, since it is truly a hormone; Plus "I have unanswered questions about the way our vitamin D status is measured and the excessive claims made by the marketing people detours me." Lets make contact with the question: What is the perfect diet for health insurance and vitality? As a lay person and former professional athlete, it is my experience that only a whole food plant-based diet without adding fat, sugar and salt will create the vitality society is dieing for? Along this same line of questioning, I was very happy to read that Dr Campbell suggests "plenty of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and nuts in moderation -- of this I am confident." It has also been my experience that transitioning to this diet from the standard American diet saturated in fat and refined carbohydrates is initially, but that is likely due to my very long time addiction to fat. I remembering some really smart guy once saying it requires at least 30 days to replace a habit... I would suggest in changing your dietary choices to be kind to your self, stay motivated and allow some time, perhaps a few weeks or a couple months, before your brand-new taste preferences will emerge and the addictions fade.

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