Top 7 List for ?Must Know? Tips for Picking a Domain Name

Posted by domfind on September 25th, 2015

You know how important a domain name is for your business or company but, with all the choices out there how are you able to pick the right one?

That’s were the DomFind Team comes in.  When it comes to domain names, we sure have a wealth of experience. To help you find the right domain name for your new company, the domain team at DomFind have put together alist of the top seven “must-know” tips when picking a domain name.

Top 7 List for “Must Know” Tips for Picking a Domain Name:

  1. Look for a domain name that is short in length. We like domain names that are ten letters or shorter. Keep in mind that the shorter your domain name is the easier it will be for your visitors to remember. You’ll also minimize the number of errors and typos when prospects are trying to locate your company on the internet.
  2. The coolest domain names are catchy, big, unique and brandable. Look for a domain that catches your eye and you’ll remember. If the name is catchy to you, it is likely to stay in the mind of your audience. Just think of the brands you like best. Your domain should have that same super cool sound and texture.
  3. You want to choose a domain that has the right URL extension. The dot-com domain extension is the most widely used worldwide. If you’re looking to build a business that’s respected and will stand the test of time, your domain name must be a dot-com, all other extensions tell the world you’re not serious. Stick to a dot-com and you’re on your way to thriving business.
  4. Think outside the proverbial box. Don’t pick a domain that is like every other name in your industry. Pick a brandable name that clearly captures the strategic direction of your new company. We think that you should be bold, think big and be memorable.
  5. A cool domain name has to sound right. suggests that you pick a domain name that has a cool word pattern and vocalization. Think about names that have repeating vowels and consonants. These domains have a super cool ring to them when you say them aloud.
  6. Don’t overpay for your domain name. You’ve heard it before “you get what you pay for,” but you don’t need to pay too much for a great domain name. Don’t be cheap, but do your homework to make sure that you don’t spend too much for a quality domain name. (At all our domain names all priced under 5!)
  7. Quality matters when you select a domain name. Your choice of a domain name is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make as a business owner. Take your time to make a wise selection. Don’t pick the first domain name that catches your eye. The time you spend now will yield dividends in the years to come.

These are the top 7 tips for picking a domain name put together by the DomFind Team now is the time for you to put them to good use by find the perfect domain for your new venture.  Check out our latest domain names on our home page and if you have any question about how this site works please follow the link.

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