How to Purchase Door Opener

Posted by aihw on May 18th, 2021

How to Purchase Door Opener

1. Watch the horsepower size. That is, people will usually ask, is this door to open how big doors or multiple doors? People's habits always think that the overtime heads of the door have, the greater the strength, which is not scientific. In fact, the motor power size is determined by the rotor parameters (diameter, stacking lengths) and motor magnets.

2, watch the waterproof performance of the motor. The waterproof performance of the motor is determined by the outlet, the bottom cover seal. In the case of the imitation door motor and the market, it is easy to find that the extension of the Sweet sliding door motor is full seal, and special waterproof treatment is performed, and the bottom cover seal is a sealed rubber seal. ring.

3, watch the motor length short. Motor's worm wheel, outlet, reducer housing, rotor support structure, mounting seats and other components The material and production process determine the ability of the motor action and the ability to resist the hush impact. Just like An high-thinking, the motor worm gear is used in a wear-resistant formula, a large modulous number, a large tooth width, and a highly robust high-performance material precision manufacturing.

4, the selection of automatic door machines, if people are small, the door cave is general, and the investment budget is less, such as the office, the writing is selected, and the ordinary price is low. Such an gates, generally available without trouble, but life will be relatively short. If the purchase unit is available in the after-sales service, you can provide you with place of service at any time, then you can use it with confidence.

5. Pay attention to the compatibility of the automatic door, requires the gate to have compatibility and can be installed. Some automatic gates themselves have such functions, which is easy to install, and some gates have no such function, and there are many devices to be installed, which will lead to unnecessary expenses.

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