Different color lenses have different reflective effect

Posted by Tina on September 25th, 2015

one. yellow-colored lenses, 100% Uv ray filtering in addition to eyes regarding God Ming representative
Yellow contact sunglasses 100% Ultra-violet filter, letting infrared as well as 83% visible gentle to penetrate this lens. The biggest feature is that you can filtering the sun's most dazzling violet. After the sunlight through the atmosphere, most of the performance of azure light, which is why you see the sun is blue. After the orange lens filtration systems blue mild, the natural scenery can be seen a lot more clearly. And so wear yellow lenses dior abstract sunglasses replica while traveling, you can more clearly start to see the passing targeted traffic.

two. Environment friendly lenses, filtration system 99% of Ultra-violet pleasant sedative drugs
Funky natural lenses and grey lenses, similar to, you can separate out the home light, can easily filter 99% connected with UV rays. But the green color of the contact will change several scenes, the particular barrier influence is marginally inferior on the light grey lenses. The good thing is, the green is often a natural tranquilizer, that lets you become comfortable around peoples' emotions. In order to do a "goodwill ambassador", may wish to wear environment friendly lens sunglasses, so boisterous around the intricate because of a person quiet.

three. gray upgraded lenses, filters 98% associated with UV see-through toner shade providing
Grey contacts Reflected Dior Sunglasses Replica sunshine filtering virtually equal quantity of colored gentle, and can filtration 98% of home and ultra-violet light. Put on sunglasses greyish lens, your scene with the original hue of the standard zoom lens will not modify, but also to increase block the actual glare. Malaysia inside hot, gray lenses possibly been recognized local experts as "the most comfortable sunglasses.Inches During the summer months outdoor pursuits, wear sun glasses gray standard zoom lens, not only take the wind flow, shading, you can still see the attractiveness of the colors.

four. pink upgraded lenses, filters 95% associated with UV robust confidence agent
Pink Lens sunglasses can easily filter 95% associated with UV and a few shorter wavelength visible mild. In fact, your pink contacts and are generally not necessarily about tinted lenses, and there's better protection than the normal effect from the lens. But the psychological study found that 65 percent of women following wearing pink sunglasses zoom lens, a high degree of confidence than usual into 50 %. Pink Composit Dior Sunglasses Replica purely placebo your current mental, can be worn in very strong experience bored or even ultraviolet boisterous days.

According to the color of your lens above the usefulness of numerous people designed a presentation, trying to help.

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