Fifa 16 Women's National Team Has Authentic Facial Capture & Slower Pace

Posted by goldsafe21 on September 25th, 2015

Fifa 16 has been debuted in North American on September 22. Are you one of the first performers to experience the best football game? Some fans have tried women’s team, the special adding to start their journey in Fifa 16. According to those fans, women’s team is quite special in the game with authentic facial capture and slower space that provide unique experience.

Women’s team contains more authentic details in fifa 16

Safewow has introduced that Women’s National Team is one of the various highlights in fifa 16, and it indeed is as many fans are trying this new feature as a fundamental exploration. If you have opened a new mode of women's football team, you may find that there are many vivid details. For example, the long hair will be floating when they are running, and the realistic facial captures never look stiff. Looking at the face, you can easily recognize who she is.

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More details:

Women players have slower space than male players

The women's teams are noticeably slower-paced, which answers the question of why you can't play a mixed-gender competition. With smaller goalkeepers, female players are difficult to fight against with men, and they also give up rebounds where a male counterpart would scoop up the ball, so a player would be wise to follow her shot by switching to any player close in the neighborhood or, if on defense, whale on the clear button (B or circle) to get it out of town.
However, women's team is never dumbed-down version. Instead, the slower pace allows greater precision in passing, movement and defense, meaning deadly counterattacks are always on the table. On the whole, playing with the women's teams gives a player more time to consider his or her strategy than in the men's professional side of FIFA 16. Want to have a try? Buy cheap fifa 16 coins on Safewow to start your journey now!

Fifa fans expect for more women team contents

Now, the women's teams are only available in an unbranded tournament that maxes out at six matches, or standard one-off play, which don't provide enough contexts to support what is otherwise an admirably different way of playing fifa. Thus, fans are expecting that EA can give more contents for women team. Considering the differences between women's and men’s soccer, a mixed-gender competition like Ultimate Team or Be a Pro won’t be possible. But as far as Safewow concerned, a single generic tournament may help create a larger story for any of the 12 women's teams. What, just wonder, would have prevented FIFA 16 from offering a 22-match fantasy league of these women's national teams, playing everyone home and road, with the aggregated statistics and player progression enjoyed in the men's game?

Fifa 16 will launch on Spe. 24 in Europe, UK and extend throughout all regions on October 8 when it is available in Brazil and Japan. If you haven’t caught up, head to Safewow for the whole calendar of fifa 16 important events and buy fut 16 coins for sale to build your squad!

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