World of Warcraft Legion is the sixth expansion for World of Warcraft

Posted by Cassandra27 on September 25th, 2015

We’ve also seen a great deal of homogenization between class abilities. Some iconic, class-themed abilities like Divine Intervention, Hunter’s Mark, Innervate, and the hunter pet customization system were removed. All classes were given multiple stuns, crowd control abilities, and interrupts which has forced the PvP balance team to think a little creatively about how to rebalance PvP. All tanks now play around active mitigation and instant threat-gaining abilities instead of having various mitigation and threat/DPS-based strengths. Most raid-wide class buffs were either taken away or made baseline for multiple classes/specs.

While the above changes make it far easier to get 10-30 random players together for raiding, it also makes players feel as though no class has much of an identity anymore.Wrath of the Lich King struck a solid balance where almost all classes were worthwhile to bring to a raid, but most also had unique buffs as well as unique identities.

When the pruning happened, some specs also started playing extremely similar to others. Hunters may be the best example. Instead of playing whatever spec they enjoy currently, most raiding hunters feel pressured to play whichever spec does the most DPS. The specs just aren’t different enough from each other to warrant getting attached to any of them. Other specs, like DPS warriors, had so many abilities pruned away that many players get the sense that Blizzard went a bit out of control.

While there are players on both sides of the “Did Blizzard go too far?” debate, there has been a great deal of evidence that Blizzard has finally listened to fan feedback. The Legion reveals point toward more class and spec individuality and less homogenization. The artifact weapon system and its talent tree seem like an attempt to bring secondary customization back to WoW. Players may be able to slot certain passives that let them do more burst damage, for example, as opposed to steady damage. PvP players will be able to pick talents that fit PvP more as opposed to PvE.

Class identity should be embraced. Unique class features, individual talent options, and customization options help us identify with our classes more. With the evidence we’ve seen so far, it seems like Blizzard is finally realizing that fact and will be helping us find a reason to embrace our hero sides even more in Legion.

In their inteview with Game Reactor,  Game Director Tom Chilton and Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas revealed that Blizzard already has plans of World of Warcraft: Legion for three years.

Chilton said, “We go through multiple expansions at a time and there was a point in which we were trying to decide the order of which should come first, Warlords of Draenor versus Legion … and we had decided that the right thing story wise was for Warlords to come first and lead into Legion. So we have known what we are going to do on core level since two and half three years ago or so now. It was around 2012 we were talking about that.”

World of Warcraft Legion is the sixth expansion for World of Warcraft since its debut in 2004 and is dubbed to be biggest expansion in history of the franchise. Official release date and exact schedule of the Beta are yet to be announced by Blizzard soon.

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