Qualities To Look For In A General Physician

Posted by shivam pandey on May 19th, 2021

Considering the current Covid-19 catastrophe, staying in constant touch with your doctor is paramount. To deal with these turbulent times, general physicians have been the first point of medical contact. 

A normal sign of flu is now creating panic and hence the need for medical assistance. Apart from this, we often need to consult with a doctor, to deal with other health issues such as food poisoning, stomach ache, viral fever, and such common ailments. 

It is normally said that sticking to one doctor ensures the highest form of treatment. Changing doctors frequently may lead to unaligned treatment. You must change your doctor only if the treatment does not suit you or you need to consult with a specialist. In case you are searching for the best general physician in Kolkata, here are some of the qualities that you should keep in mind. 

  1. Strong Work Ethic    

Having a strong work ethic means that the physicians give their 100% to the patient, irrespective of their schedule and regardless of how busy and tired they have been. Besides, the doctor should believe in honesty and should always open up to their patients. Endorsing or promoting a product is not ethical and should refrain from the same. 

The sole purpose of a doctor should be to deliver quality treatment to the patient. Pestering a patient to purchase a specific brand of medicine or visiting a specific diagnostic centre is extremely wrong. The best general physician in Kolkata advice but does not force a patient to purchase a brand that he/she endorses. 

  1. Knowledge

Physicians are an encyclopaedia of medical knowledge. A physician should not only be well qualified but also be well updated with the changes and innovations of the medical world. Also, he/she should be open to learn new techniques and methods and adapt themselves to new technologies introduced and advancement of diagnosis and treatment. 

  1. Professionalism

Wearing a doctor’s coat will not make you look or sound like a doctor. In order to earn the desired respect from patients, it is necessary for the best general physician in Kolkata to be highly professional. 

Note: Being professional does not require you to be stern, rude or unsympathetic. A compassionate and friendly doctor can be professional too. 

It depends on how confident you are, how well you carry yourself and how you communicate and treat your patients, that helps you earn the respect. 

  1. Compassion

With passing days, people are connecting back to life, more and more. Gone are those days when people were fascinated by the thought of talking to a robot. Today, patients are likely to respond to a physician better who are empathetic and compassionate towards his/her duties. Therefore, a doctor who practices compassion and courtesy.

These qualities make a doctor the best general physician in Kolkata. Once you find a doctor with all the above-said qualities, also check for his/her qualifications and if the doctor is qualified enough to diagnose your disease and offer the required primary treatment. 

In addition, make sure that the doctor is honest enough and hands your case over to a specialist if he/she finds himself/herself incapable of treating your condition.  

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