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Posted by annesmith0117 on May 19th, 2021

I was very surprised when Blizzard announced that Burning Crusade Classic had only two weeks of pre-patch time and that it would start to update the pre-patch on May 18. Because I never thought that BCC would come so soon, I don't know if you will feel that way too. To be honest, I'm more excited about this release than before. When you see this column, the server should have been backed up or will be backed up soon.

I have been playing this game since the release of World of Warcraft. My first MMO was WOW, and I really liked its very few methods. Despite all the history, I was a very different person, and my life was very different at that time. I have always realized that even if TBC Classic Gold For Sale everything is implemented 100% in the original way, I can go back. So, when they finally decided to launch Classic a few years ago, I was not a super hype. Between the time I don't have enough available time and the game that basically solves the problem, it's not very attractive to me.

This is not to say that I don't like Classic's time. Since then, I really liked it when I reviewed it. In the game I can visit old places and characters that I haven't seen in a long time, which makes me feel very interesting. In addition, since my entertainment time does not have a real goal, I can enjoy anything without pressure and spend my time on special things. However, at the beginning I was limited in what I could do because I could not participate in the core team. In the game, I don't like sitting in the city trying to form a dungeon team to spend time. I would rather do something more practical. Even after joining a big guild, there are still some friends running around.

However, now that we have BCC, the situation is different. First of all, this is correct, because my guild in the retail industry has gradually reduced our raids at this level. Usually, we can only kill the last boss of two or three levels at most, enough to ensure that all of our raiders are in front of the curve. Downtime usually helps us regain our energy and pursue other goals. However, we don't know when the 9.1 patch will be released, so I am looking for potential months to focus on doing things in BCC. This gives me plenty of time to improve, while still exploring and having fun.

However, I am not only excited about really catching up with Classic and being able to play with my friends. The Burning Crusade is still one of my favorite extensions. Some of them are related to the first expansion, so no one really knows what to expect, but it is closely related to dungeons and raids. So far, some of the TBC fights are still my favorites. When people ask me about my favorite raid in World of Warcraft, the first one I think of is still Netherspite, followed by all Serpanthrine Caverns. Of course, Lurker Below set the tone for the whole thing, and it's fun.

I agree with some players that "some changes" are too far away for this. Everyone's tolerance for this thing will be different. Especially for the enhanced version and the deluxe version. It's really weird to sell a bunch of expansions that were originally launched 14 years ago and sell them at a price comparable to a complete brand new game. I know the master of adaptation paved the way for this kind of thing, but it hasn't changed the fact that it really feels strange. Of course, this is not surprising, as I feel it, I will not be angry about it.

However, after the release of Burning Crusade Classic, I would love to be able to play with my friends for a while as soon as possible. So, I plan to log in today and prepare for the launch, and bring my Druid directly to the pre-patch activities. After the Chains of Domination patch goes live, I may leave again. However, I can take advantage of the present to relive the old days and run around to experience the Burning Crusade Classic game content. If you also like to play BCC, then you can look forward to it. By the way, is providing high-quality and safe game currency, welcome to visit!

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