How to clean your washing machine

Posted by Ayesha Verma on May 19th, 2021

Are you brawling to get cleaning results in your washing machine? If you find that your washed clothes are still having stains or a musty odour, it is a sign. This sign signifies that your machine needs a good clean-up. If your machine is dirty, doing laundry will not be the right thing. Before it cleans your clothes, you need to clean them up first. Dirt, mold, detergent, and dust can accumulate inside your washing machine after several usages. If you don’t treat it within time, it starts giving you a bad odour and cleaning becomes a myth. You must get a proper check of all the dust and muck to make sure your machine is clean. Cleaning your machine will not only give good laundry results but expands the longevity of the machine. So here are some easy ways to clean your best fully automatic washing machine, get going.


Clean your washing machine with vinegar and baking soda


Vinegar and a little baking soda can do wonders in cleaning your machine. You need to simply add one tablespoon of soda and vinegar to make a smooth and thick paste. Now you need to switch on your machine and run it on a 60°C wash cycle. These ingredients will work, by breaking down the residue to stubborn grime. Do you know vinegar has a wonderful smell? It will neutralize the entire bad musty odour that was there previously. Vinegar is a versatile product you can surely use for your cleaning. However the strong smell of vinegar will be there, so make sure you run a hot water cycle once again.


Use some soda crystals to clean your washing machine


Soda crystals can be a great product for keeping your best fully automatic washing machine clean. It is a long favourite additive that removes all the stains, pungent smell, and greasy stains. To use it the right way, you need some of around 500g of sofa crystals in the washing tub. Do you know the hottest cycle of your washing machine? You need to run your machine in that hot cycle so that all the stains, smell and greasy touch go away. You will find a fresh smell and your laundry experience will be a better one. 


Use bleach to clean your washing machine


Your machine needs an intensive cleaning done. For intensive cleaning, you need bleach. Bleach is a long cleaning method that kills all the bacteria present. You can use bleach to completely clean your machine away from any germs. You need to take some bleach and keep it in your detergent tray. Now give your washing a hot wash cycle. The bleach from the tray will be flushed and mixed with the hot water. The rinse cycle will make sure that the bleach water is cleaning it up intensively. To avoid any smell, you can go for another quick wash cycle.


Finishing up


The washing machine plays an important role in daily chores. It has made life easy with quick and efficient laundry. Have you checked out the latest LG models? They are the best quality washing machine models available in the market.


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