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Explainer videos are one of the important parts of the business on educating consumers on how to use the product in the best way. It helps in reaching more consumers without being physically present to give a demonstration. However, using these videos efficiently is essential to gain widespread consumers base. They also help in creating brand awareness. There are numerous ways in which they can be used to maximize their impact and help the brand in creating awareness. Following are some of the ways in which explainer videos can be used efficiently:


This is the most common place where the explainer video is placed. Customers check the website before buying the product and placing the video on the homepage would reap great benefits in making the buying decision. Placing the video appropriately on the homepage is also essential as many visitors do not scroll down.

Landing pages:

Along with the website’s homepage, the explainer video can be placed on the landing pages. This would reduce the bounce rate and make people stick to the website and think about buying the product. Ensure there is a call to action at the end of the video to encourage visitors to stick to your website and products.

Email marketing:

Entice your target audience to buy the product by including the explainer video in an email marketing campaign. Moreover, call to action at the end will help in growing the website traffic and create awareness about the new product launches. People will be inclined to purchase the product after watching the video in the email rather than open a website page.

Social media:

Most of the people are active on social media for most of their time in a day. The prominent social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great tools to post the explainer videos. Moreover, video content is shared mostly on social media platforms. The engagement in the posts will help in creating brand awareness. Moreover, paid campaigns on social media will give more visibility to these videos.


Only textual information on blogs will be disinteresting and boring after some time. Adding the video along with textual information will offer an edge to the information to be conveyed. The video content is more engaging and highly understandable. Moreover, it will help in raising the ranking in search engines.

Sales pitches:

Your sales team can utilize the explainer videos to a mass audience at the same time. In addition, you can send this video to a potential client before setting up a meeting. If the client is impressed, it will set a different tone for a meeting than starting a meeting from the scratch. Even if you want to start the meeting from scratch, beginning with the video will be helpful to make your pitch.


During conferences or meeting with investors, these explainer videos become a great tool to convey a lot of information about your product in a short time. While introducing your product at conferences, use the video to drive engagement and provide information.

Explainer videos are essential for business, but placing them in the right place is more important. Being one of the leading video making companies in Pune, Kaizen Design Studio helps brands in creating explainer videos along with helping them in finding the best possible ways to promote them and create brand awareness.

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