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Posted by Johny Dean on September 25th, 2015

When it comes to renovating the house or a certain room in it, the choice of materials comes in discussion. Especially when discussing about the kitchen or the bathroom, floor tiling Surrey and wall tiling Surrey are required. A few aspects must be taken into consideration, such as durability, style, patterns, size and such. It might be a challenge to choose between the available materials nowadays, but with a quick guide, you will certainly manage to take the decision. Not to mention that you have to decide upon the company that will handle the installation as well.

First of all, there are various popular choices nowadays for floor tiling Surrey and wall tiling Surrey. Ceramic and porcelain being the most well known and used by homeowners and commercial spaces likewise. These can be installed on walls and floors, as they can easily withstand wear and tear. In the bathroom, it is best to choose a surface that is non-slippery, usually not glossy. On the other hand, on the walls you can choose any design you like and as glossy as you like. It is highly important to put safety at first and practicality, because afterwards, you already have a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from.

Those who want something different can also look into natural stone. It does bring another appeal; it is long lasting and highly durable. This material has been successfully used for thousands of years and even these modern days, it maintains its popularity. Some homeowners choose natural stone for floor tiling Surrey, but also for exterior tiling. Besides these well known choices, new materials manage to capture people’s attention, such as glass, metal and mosaics. Homeowners have the possibility of mixing these materials and choices to create unique and interesting patterns and effects.

Furthermore, there are many sizes to choose from as well, starting from tiny tiles up to large panels. It is important to keep into account the size of the room and proportionate it best, to make a space seem larger than it actually is. Larger tiles can make spaces seem larger, but this depends on the colours and patterns as well. When it comes to floor tiling Surrey and wall tiling Surrey, specialists working in the field know everything there is about this aspect and can propose ideas, considering they have managed similar projects before and they know exactly how a room resulted after the tiling process was complete.

Every person gets to choose colours, but there are a few pointers in this matter as well. For example, lighter colours certainly make a room appear larger, while dark colours add warmth. Just think how you can dramatically change the appearance of your bathroom when installing darker coloured tiles. If you want a more cheerful room, don’t hesitate about vibrant colours that add character. You can also use shade variations to mask certain flaws or to create different illusions. A lot can be done if you can successfully combine colours.

If you require floor tiling Surrey installation, contact the company today! For any wall tiling Surrey services, you can get in touch with specialists directly.

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