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Posted by kamal on May 19th, 2021

Log home kits are an efficient way to build log cabin homes. Custom kits are built using floor plans that buyers and the kit manufacturer's drafting department have agreed on. The logs included in the kit are peeled and notched to get them ready for building.

The log home is then built at the facility to assure accuracy. After the initial assembly, each log in the kit is numbered. The home is then disassembled and the logs are loaded onto trucks and delivered to the homebuyer's site. Shipping fees for the log delivery do apply, and can vary based on how many truckloads it takes to get all of the logs to the customer's land.

There are several important components of a building site that need to be taken into consideration. Limiting the foundation of log cabin homes to four corners will help reduce the cost of the home. Additional corners will not need to be added to Custom Log Home Kits that are made for a rectangular foundation, which will in turn reduce roofing costs. Looking at the physical characteristics of the lot is imperative as well. It is vital to make sure the house will fit comfortably within the yard's parameters once it is completed. Health permits are required if a septic system needs to be installed. All of these costs must be added to the building budget.

Log Cabin Plans are beautiful once they are finished, and houses built from log cabin kits are no exception. Some manufacturers will send a crew and crane to the building site and put the structure together on the homeowner's pre-built foundation. The customer's general contractor is then responsible for completing the home's construction. Another building option is to have a consulting supervisor from the company come and provide the homeowner and contractor with coaching in proper log construction. Once all of the logs are in place, it is time to add doors, windows, and specially made log stairs.

Safety is a major consideration in putting together Log Home Kits. The components must be assembled correctly to guard against injury to the members of the building crew. Correct placement of logs will also ensure the safety of the families who will be moving into the log cabin homes. Using only equipment that has had regular maintenance and is functioning properly is crucial to promoting safety while on the job. Safety around electricity is especially vital when the house is being wired after construction. Good safety practices will always benefit everyone involved.

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