What to consider while using colour in your brochure?

Posted by Rahul Shah on May 19th, 2021

Printed direct marketing tools like brochures are a very important part of any marketing campaign. Brochures are the primary introduction to your business. It is among the first few marketing materials that you hand over to your target audience. So it plays a very crucial role in creating the first impression about your business and its offerings. Brochures are a small walk-through of your business that represents your brand identity and focuses on the strengths of your brand character. Therefore, your brochure design has to be the best. If you want a greater return on your investment, you need to pay special attention to brochure design and printing.

When talking about the brochure design and printing, one element plays a very important role in deciding how well the brochure will be received by the target audience, and that is the colour combinations you choose. The true return on investment is achieved when the recipient goes through the content of the brochure and reacts to the call-to-action stated. The appearance of the brochure decides whether the recipient will go through your content or will simply discard it. If you have a well-designed brochure with the right choice of colours, it might encourage the potential clients to go through the entire content and form a positive opinion about your brand.

Here are some things that you need to consider while choosing colours for your brochure printing:

  1. Font size, text, and colour: The brochure is basically like a booklet so it has a nice combination of text and images. If you want a small font size, text then it is advisable to use bright colours. Light colours like yellow, or peach would decrease the readability of the text. Also, try to have a balance between the colour combination of the background and text. Anything too bright or dull can make it difficult for people to read and they might end up showing no interest in the brochure design and content.

  2. Stick to a few main colours: It is important that your brochure design is consistent and has some sort of uniformity. You need to remember that a brochure is a professional document and not a fashion magazine so using too many popping colours will make it look very untidy. Using some specific colours while brochures printing will not only maintain uniformity but also make the content appear more clear and tidy.

  3. Accents: Using accent colours to highlight the key features and important details is a great technique to make sure all the essential messages reach the readers. It is very obvious that the recipient will scan through the pages and not completely read them. So, highlighting the crucial details with accent colours will ensure that the brochure serves its purpose.

  4. Brand colours: Every colour that you use on your brochure has a hidden message that it delivers. Each colour is symbolic of something or the other. So, using the colours associated with your brand as the ones in your logo or tagline can help people relate easily. Brand colours ensure that the recipient looks at the brochure design and recognizes the connection between the two.

  5. Understand the purpose: Before you choose the final colours for the printing of brochures, find out your purpose. It will make it easy for the recipient to comprehend and understand the message with more clarity.

Printed marketing tools like brochures are very important in both B2B and B2C businesses. It is like an official document that compiles the capabilities of your company. Therefore, getting the best brochure printing service is a must. You cannot trust some DIY method or local print shops to get your brochure printing done. Consulting a good online brochure printing service is required to get the best results. PrintStop is an online brochure printing company that can help you achieve your marketing endeavours effectively. You can get the best brochure design online with the right colour usage using their services. They will assist you in designing an eye-catching brochure with the best use of a colour palette. So, place your orders now and get the best brochure design for your business at a minimal cost.

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