When Does An Employer Need A Labor Law Attorney in Los Angeles?

Posted by Marcus McGowan on May 19th, 2021

Even the most dynamic employer occasionally needs the help of a labor law attorney in Los Angeles. Although, as an employer, you can handle many employment matters, some issues are particularly tricky and require legal expertise.

Labor law in California changes rapidly, courts and government agencies issue new opinions clarifying these laws every day. To understand these complicated labor laws, you need an attorney specializing in these laws. The lawyer also helps you with corporation matters and ensures everything related to laws and regulations applies to your business.

Here are a few places we have listed below when you need a labor law attorney.

Equal Employment And Labor issues

You may find the government officers from EEOC or Department of Labor standing in front of your office to check your records and employment regulation in your firm. It is time you need a person who understands the implications of labor law. Although you can show your company's legal records, a labor law attorney in Los Angeles knows about your firm's legal formalities and regulations before showing up to the EEOC.

Complaints Of Illegal Harassment

You may fall into situations of illegal harassment claims. Most harassment complaints in big firms aren't straightforward to handle. In an illegal harassment case, the employer needs to take a series of specific steps.

A trained labor law attorney can advise you on the applicable laws and conduct further investigation. The lawyer in your firm also makes sure that the investigation is done correctly.

There may be legal pitfalls in the harassment investigation, so make sure your policies and procedures are in place. Therefore, it is better if your labor law attorney checks all the procedures before getting a complaint.

Legal Papers

At times, as an employer, you may end up getting the wrong complaint or summons delivering to your office address. You may understand these documents; however, if the issue is related to employment or an employee, an labor law attorney in Los Angeles is the best to handle your case.

The lawyer of your firm has a proper understanding of the situation and legal proceedings. Even though you may handle the situation, making any legal documents mistakes may harm your case.
Firing An Employee

According to the labor law of California, you can fire an employee based on "employment-at-will." It means you can fire an employee whenever you want. However, there are many situations that you must consider before firing an employee. To avoid these legal violations, you must double-check with your attorney before firing an employee.

Laying Off People

Like firing an employee, layoffs should be straightforward, but in compliance will laws in Los Angeles. Different states have different laws in California regarding layoffs. An attorney is the best to write the release for your employees. Therefore, hiring a labor law attorney in Los Angeles for your firm is better to help you prevent lawsuits and prevent compliance problems.

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