MILITIA: What’s in a Word?

Posted by fareed shakir on May 19th, 2021

By David Zuniga


According to blogger and former DIA and DEA agent Jeffrey Prather, World War III came and went, unremarked. I agree with him; the evidence is shot throughout society in Europe and America. Every American felt the impact, and our lives were forever altered. 

But we were never informed of World War III, because one enemy of the American People is the mainstream media corporations and Big Tech, who determine what you will hear, see, and know. Or at least that is their goal.

In America, Bush I and Bush II were the conductors of WWIII. I will not here dispute the preposterous, Orwellian official story of 9/11. Forty years of “who killed Kennedy?” followed by two decades arguing the alien physics required by the official story was quite enough.

But no one can dispute the fact that Bush II erected a permanent Gestapo State in the name of ‘War on Terror’, and that the Bushes and Clintons maintained very close relations. I believe that all the evidence suggests that the Deep State, with Bush II in the conductor seat for that part of the show, pulled a magnificently shrewd, horribly ruthless hoax on us all. Now, an entire generation has grown up as clueless sheep, devoid of logical thinking or moral foundation. The perfect population to be herded to and fro by media, to believe whatever the globalists want them to believe. Slaves.

Learn to Smell the Gas

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which an entity or group covertly sows seeds of doubt in an individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment. It may evoke deep cognitive dissonance and depression, by using denial, misdirection, contradiction, and misinformation Civics labeled ‘fact-checking’, gaslighting attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim’s beliefs. If you’ve read George Orwell, watched any of the television networks (now including FOX) or if you have used Facebook or Twitter, you recognize gaslighting.

Tactics include denying that incidents occurred, to belittling the victim’s emotions and feelings, to removing their social media posts or banning them entirely, demonetizing their pages, and even staging bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim. The goal of gaslighting is to gradually undermine the victim’s confidence in their own ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, or reality from delusion, and to render the victim(s) pathologically dependent on the gaslighter for ‘facts’.

Face it, especially if you are still wearing a mask on your face most days: you’re being gaslighted, and complying with your tormentor. You are unwilling to listen to whistleblowers in virology and epidemiology because…well, “it might cost me my job!”. Now you know how Hitler and Stalin did it. 

Donald Trump talked about globalist monsters for years; then ran for and won the presidency; then tried valiantly to fight the power…except that he was the Grand Poobah of the ChinaFlu gaslighting operation, including pushing Bill Gates’ vaccine right up through his last week in office, when he also went along with media, and blamed his own fans for the Antifa false flag vandalism on January 6 at the Capitol. Perhaps the DC police can keep that operation secret, but two of its officers have already committed suicide, knowing the truth. Yet Trump acted clueless. 

So. We don’t know about Trump. We’ve issued our challenge to him and hope for the best. But in any case, Washington DC is absolutely, positively exposed now as the domestic enemy of these sovereign States, of our Constitution, and of rule of law.

Evil men and women will never be satisfied with what they have. Their entire existence is about having more. More money, more power over others, and more control over ‘their world’ as they see it. Things have ever been thus. Human nature will not change.

TACTICAL CIVICS™: How We The People Win the War

Of course, the framers of our Constitution knew all of this, but we slept and played for six generations and now reap what we have sown.

We have reiterated from the outset of this mission: repentance is Job One. Until Americans begin to turn from our old ways and repent before God, we will keep losing ground to our enemies. God has His ways of exacting judgment on hardheaded mankind.

For instance, in Genesis 16:11-12, God decrees that Ishmael (the progenitor of Islam) will forever fight against everyone. See what a handy antagonist God has in the world, when He wants to judge a stiff-necked people! But the same applies to the evil, ruthless globalist; God uses Satan and his minions to do His bidding. Consider the Book of Job, Chapter 1. Before recounting the loss and slaughter that comes to the family of Job, note that it is God Himself who asks Satan, “Have you considered My servant, Job?”

Of course, God also employs repentant people, to rebuild walls. Read Nehemiah and see how sincere repentance in prayer preceded their repentance in action; then they repaired the walls of the city.    

What we refer to as the Deep Axis is the alliance of the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) with American Communism and with the D.C. Deep State, all of mainstream media, multinational corporations, Big Tech, Hollywood, liberal universities (which is most of them), and corrupt political operatives in both parties (most party functionaries). 

The Deep Axis will lose this war, if Americans are repentant. Think about it: DC organized crime, even backed by the CCP, cannot defeat even the responsible remnant within the 80-120 million most productive, best-armed, most normal souls in America. When our mission attracts half of 1% of the total population, about 1.6 million Americans, the average County Militia will have 500 members; large counties will have ten times that number. The constitutional Militia -- not some bogus 'national guard' invented in 1903 by Congress in direct violation of the Constitution -- is America's organic 'antibody' system.

Remember: constitutional Militia is the only law enforcement stipulated in our highest law. 

Thus, Americans have to take up our duties; this is a matter of life and death for our Republic. Numbers are the most important early consideration. The second most important factor in this early-stage mission is our members' attitudes and our overall optics. Our leadership team is strict about our brand and the appearance and attitudes in our online Training Center, which is technically not a forum but a classroom. This war is not kinetic; it is mental and emotional. Gaslighting and widespread lawlessness can easily be beaten...but we need tactical, strategic, and PR intelligence, the most vital aspect of which is our members' emotional intelligence.

Perception is Reality

I know plenty of fellows who look like Hell’s Angels, but whose hearts are committed to Jesus, and who do excellent work in the fields of the LORD. But human beings are affected by appearances; or as the marketing gurus like to say, perception is reality.

The Internet has been a Wild West show, raising hackles and flame wars; too often transforming Christians into cursing, angry buffoons. In my own online interaction I've had to tame my keyboard over the years, and still am not where I want to be.

The regnant attitude in private armed groups today has too long been displayed with a biker gang look ('badassery'); with Punisher Skull imagery, foul language, and an air of rebellion. Beijing Biden will use this to try to disarm America in 2021, and the criminals in Congress will help him.

Sure, these 'threepers' know how lawless and corrupt government is; but they come off as thugs or malcontents. (And please notice that far too many in paid law enforcement do so, as well.)

The Average timid, frightened, confused American certainly won't join or honor that way of life. It won't grow. It will never allow us to execute on our mission. So American Militia 2.0™ is our attempt to change the image of Militia. Not only by helping citizens to establish constitutional Militia units as the Founding Fathers demanded. But also by minding our words, attitudes, personal grooming and the like...making the word Militia not only acceptable, but honored once again.

Using the 'M' Word

First, we must reclaim our language. The enemy wants to take the word Militia...a 1,000-year-old institution, and stipulated in our highest Law. So our response is: rather than give it up or shy away from it, we will help Americans to proudly bear the name Militia by cleaning it up, to demonstrate to quail-hearted Americans what the word really means.

It's like the word 'choice' being twisted to mean killing babies. It's like the word 'gay' (happy) meaning sexual pervert. Now they want to destroy America by making the only constitutional law enforcement into a pariah? That's not going to happen.

We will enforce the Constitution by putting forth a professional law enforcement message, not a message of rebellion. American Militia 2.0™ will be a shining new public relations and briefing project for new Militia units, doing what We The People demand of ourselves in the Constitution (the Founding Fathers were bright fellows, with an extensive command of history). 

To see how well the Constitution will serve us, consider this. By refusing to push through a county Militia ordinance, existing armed groups have no defense when they are put on Beijing/Biden's FBI short list. And that agency, by standing against We The People doing what we stipulate in the Constitution, also have no defense. The FBI has nowhere to hide. Certainly not the Constitution; the agency itself is unconstitutional.

Thus, We The People in America's 31,000+ small towns can turn this tide of evil, nurtured in the festering big cities. Washington DC does not control us; We The People by law control them! But only as we enforce the Constitution, not law of the jungle.

Rule of Law Means The Law Rules

Can any FBI operative show where We The People authorize his agency in the Constitution? Of course not. In fact, neither can any sheriff or policeman. 

The gaslighting project that began in Lincoln’s war and the new D.C. master's reconstruction of America, Congress and courts slowly ratcheted forward a very un-American police state to dishonor, mislabel, and subvert We The People’s only law enforcement force in the Constitution. 

I am not overstating the case. That steady war against our organic system of self-defense will now become the point of the spear for Team Beijing/Biden, throughout 2021 and beyond, unless America successfully reverses the overthrow, to win the war. 

But let no arrogant, lawless 'official' obscure or evade the central fact of law in this Republic: by LAW, We The People are the only authority above the Constitution, and we stipulate in that LAW that we have authority and duty to be armed, trained, and ready to defend ourselves against any domestic enemy -- such as the one now attempting to gaslight us all into submission, and to overthrow our rule of law.

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