8 Must-have Multipurpose Furniture Products for Your Home

Posted by Bergen Furniture & Design on May 19th, 2021

Do you know what multipurpose furniture is? That’s not the table you use for work and then use it for short naps when tired. Those are items that make your space more functional and clever. So, if you are planning to redesign your home, consider adding extra storage and other applications to better organize the place. Look for these multipurpose items at your nearest furniture store in Teaneck, NJ.

  1. Storage Bench: Storage benches are probably the best multifunctional furniture items. The best areas to place them are the hallway and entryway. Besides, you can also use them as space savers in the kids’ room or studio compartment. And you can store shoes, toys, and blankets in them.
  2. Console Desk: The console desk is a space-saving and stylish solution for remote workers. Being narrow, it easily fits in small spaces and one can pull it without much hassle. So, if are looking for a simple yet useful space for your laptop or desktop, a console desk is the right thing.

  3. Bookcase Nightstand: This bookshelf type uses wall space instead of floor space to provide you the required storage for books. Getting a ladder bookshelf will make your room look and feel appealing besides serving the storage purpose.

  4. Sofa Daybed: A daybed is the best 2-in-1 furniture that immediately changes your room. You can convert a spare room, basement, or den into a guest room. Use the sofa for guests and pull it to make a bed double its size. You can also get one with a C table setup for placing your computer from a furniture store in Flemington, NJ.

  5. Room Dividing Bookcase: Besides storing books, a bookcase can also serve as a partition. A wider and lower bookcase doubles as a non-intrusive room divider for big open spaces. It is the best method to create several zones and areas that feel separate and different from each other without putting actual separation in the room. Plus, you get additional storage.

  6. Dresser TV Stand: After the bookcase, a dresser also serves a double purpose. You can use it as a TV stand to save space while adding the desired entertainment furniture. This is a preferred choice for homeowners having smaller bedrooms or those living in studio apartments. However, you need to find one that can store your clothes and bear the weight of the TV on top.

  7. Console Dining Tables: While you are now familiar with console table’s use as a desk in your home office, you can also use it to dine. This could work best in your basement media room where you can watch TV and eat.

  8. Changing and Dresser Table: It is a space saver furniture item that saves you from the effort of buying a separate changing table. And, if you need a spacious yet small nursery, this is the best solution for you. Select a dresser that’s deep and wide enough, and placed at the correct height for parent and child.

And the list also covers things like bench coffee table, desk nightstand, storage coffee table, and dresser nightstand. Think about what else can provide you a double-purpose space for different household chores. Then, you can check the furniture store in Tewksbury, NJ, to find those on your list.

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