Contemporary bespoke log cabins in Kent

Posted by alisonreid29 on September 27th, 2015

Homeowners prefer bespoke log cabins in Kent these days, because, many of the log cabins are now designed in contemporary style with all the worldly amenities one can think of. Wood is considered to be the best building material by many as log cabin builders in Kent now design unique, versatile, stunning, and stable cabins that appeal to all sensibilities. Log cabins breathe and thus create a healthy environment for the residents.

Contemporary and traditionally styled bespoke log cabins in Kent, both find their takers in today’s modern life. As every piece of log is different, every cabin enjoys unique charm and individual quality. Log cabin builders in Kent offer cabins in all size and shape. The price of a cabin varies depending on it and some other important factors like location of the building; the number of windows or doors it has and their sizes; the style of the roof and the material used; the quality of flooring including its thickness and type used; number of internal partitions and walls and number of storeys and the type of stairway used.

Log cabin builders in Kent ensure structural stability of the cabins and the quality of timber or other material used so that it last for generations. Bespoke log cabins in Kent are also preferred because they are environmental friendly and sustainable. These zero carbon structures offer some more environmental benefits as well like they are renewable, reduce use of water in construction and enhance the landscape. Designers are now developing modern log cabins that are naturally insulated to save cost on energy consumption; have set up for rainwater harvesting and renewable energy solutions like in-built solar panels.

Contemporary bespoke log cabins in Kent have fresh elements like thatched roof, contoured and textured outer wall finish, exposed inside with sunpipes so that natural light can be used during daytime, complete post and beam commercial structures for factories, octagonal workable spaces to maximise the space utilisation, red cedar bunk house styled log cabin and many more. In most of the cases the material is sourced from sustainable resources where more trees are planted while cutting down a tree to obtain the log. Log cabin builders in Kent use logs that are hand peeled, scribed and carved to bring out desired finish and mostly treated well to make them ready to withstand harsh weather condition.

If you want bespoke log cabins in Kent that have 2 storey, each storey having 2-3 bedrooms with open plan kitchen, dinning area, lounge, bathrooms, pantry plus utility room it is possible to construct as well. Log cabin builders in Kent select the type and size of the logs to be used depending on the area and specific requirements. Community centres, holiday and vacation homes are now developed with log cabin designs. The profile of the outer and inner walls are planned to match the purpose. You can search for ideas and designs and ask the builder to customise it as per you choice and you are ready to have a property that would make you proud.

For bespoke log cabins in Kent talk to log cabin builders in Kent for the best designs and quality.

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