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Posted by extreme4x4 on September 28th, 2015

Off Road Racing is technically known as driving vehicles through watery trails or rough terrains. A lot of people find this as a fun activity which you can find out via watching Off Road Championships. No matter where you’re; navigating through sand dunes or mountainous terrains or trails filled with mud, off road racing is now a popular sport for experts and novice too. So if you want to know more about his sport, you should probably first know the types of off road racing.


Mudding: The dirtiest type of off road racing is mudding. It isn’t anything extravagant or fancy. For mudding, you don’t need anything else more than a large area of wet mud. The goal of this sport is to drive as much distance possible without getting stuck. For this mud terrain tires are recommended. Competitive mudding is called as mud bogging and is a popular competitive sport among off racing lovers.

Dune Bashing: If you live close to the sand dunes, then you should consider dune bashing i.e. driving over sand dunes, if you like off road racing. There are several parks in some places that allow dune bashing with off road racing vehicles. Though this is something that you would have seen in movies only, dune bashing is something one can experience themselves.

Rock Crawling: This is another type of off road racing experience, but something more technical. To participate in this sport, your vehicle would need to be modified. Large tires should be installed and the suspension needs to be adjusted too. The game spotter provides information regarding the obstacles to the drivers that they can’t generally view.

Two-tracking: This is the least extreme types of off road racing. This is supposed to be very less extreme as any type of vehicle of four wheel works for this. Even a vehicle that has a factory installed tires are good for this sport. The trails for this sport are usually older roads, forest tracks and unpaved roads. Enthusiasts who usually participate in this type of off road racing are much more interested in the surrounding scenery that the performance of the vehicle of such terrains.

Off Road Formula: This is one of the most advanced types of off road sport. In this type of off road racing, competitions occur on gravel filled courses and sandy. For participating in this type of off road racing, one needs to modify the tires to the sand drag type and travel suspensions that allow the vehicle for jumps and better handling on rough terrains. As the course design is too rough, drivers need to make sure to secure themselves with roll cage.

Ultra4 Racing Updates has gained popularity and now there are several clubs that are dedicated to interests of off roaders. People, who can afford to spend on it, choose this as a recreational activity. Joining the club will let you enjoy this sport, even if you don’t have your own 4x4 vehicle.

If you love this sport, you can also subscribe to websites and blogs that give all updates about racing and have all the stuff you would enjoy such as Off road racing photos & videos from any such activities & championship happening all around the world.

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