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Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

Posted by Potentialz on September 28th, 2015

Everyone occasionally feels depressed or sad. Usually these emotions are for a short time and then disappear in a couple of days. When you have clinical depression, situation in which the depressed feelings do not leave you after a lot many days, it affects daily life and is a cause of pain and tension for both you and those who care about you. Depression is a common but a grave illness.

Many people with depression don’t go for treatment. But the majority, even the ones with the most severe and serious depression, can get better with treatment. Medications, psychotherapies, and other methods are effective ways of dealing with depression and anxiety.

If you feel depressed on momentarily basis, it is not an issue to worry about. But if you are having depression for more than like 1 month, then it becomes something to worry about and one should get him or herself check by a certified psychologist.

This applies to anybody, anywhere in the world. So if you live in Sydney when you are faced with this scenario you will take Treatment for Depression in Sydney from a Registered Psychologist or a Clinical Psychologist.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT has structured procedure of treatment which involves the recognition of a person’s way of thinking and acting which affects the way they feel about things. CBT is one the most effective way to treat depression and is applicable to a variety of people, which includes old people, children, and adolescents.

CBT requires the patient to work with a professional clinical psychologist to identify the thought and behavior pattern which is the cause of patient’s depression. CBT lays emphasis on changing this thought and behavior pattern by teaching the affected people to think sensibly about their difficulties, helping them to shift their negative and unhelpful thoughts and actions to a more positive, lifelike and problem- solving approach.

The clinical psychologists at Potentialz Unlimited provide depression treatment in Sydney using CBT as one method of Psychotherapy.

InterPersonal Therapy

The structure of Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) focuses on issues in personal relationships and the skill required coping with these issues. Relationship problems can have a great impact on a person’s mind and contribute to the development of depression. IPT helps people in recognizing patterns of their relationships which make them vulnerable to depression and weak emotionally. By identifying these patterns, they can focus on improvement of their relationships, coping with grief and finding newer ways to get along with others.

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy

MBCT is a group therapy and involves meditation called mindfulness meditation. This meditation teaches people to live in the present moment, concentrate on that and notice whatever they are going through, whatever they are experiencing, whether it is pleasing or unpleasing. This involves firstly focusing on physical sensations like breathing and then later on focuses on emotions and thoughts.

Mindfullness based CBT is another form of the psychotherapy used by the clinical psychologists at Potentialz Unlimited for Anxiety Treatment in Sydney for their patients.


Treatment for Anxiety with therapy & counselling as well as Treatment for Depression involves the patient sitting in a long therapeutic session with the Psychologist and telling him / her everything about their current situations and cause for their symptoms of while the psychologist listens carefully and advises the patient on how to solve the problems that are the cause of the mental issues and support a change in the life of the patient.

Lastly for patients who do not show improvements after considerable duration of therapeutic sessions or who present themselves with severe symptom, psychologists may advise them to seek medications like antipsychotics and antidepressants from their GP or Psychiatrist. These medications however comes with many side-effects. So close and continuous monitoring of the patient taking these medications is very necessary as timely counter to the side-effects is better because they can be very problematic if not treated in time.

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